How To Move On A Tight Budget?

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How To Move On A Tight Budget?

Apr 11, 2022

Most people planning a house move experience anxiety and stress because the process is financially taxing. Whether you are moving short or long-distance, you have to manage fixed expenditures with one-off expenses like a rental bond, utility set-up fees, removalists in Sydney, advance rent, parking permits, etc.

Therefore, moving on a low budget is common for tenants and homeowners. To avoid hassle and depleting your savings, plan and prepare for relocating, keeping your household income in mind. Additionally, follow the tips shared below to save while moving when you are pressed for money.

Declutter & Resell Your Belongings

Everyone has things in their house from furniture to clothing, that serve no purpose, especially when you have lived in a property for years. A house move is the perfect opportunity for you to get rid of unwanted things and make a few bucks from them when you are moving.

Decluttering is also beneficial for reducing your moving expense because your packing and transporting load lessens. While sorting your things, keep items in good condition and appropriate for all ages to sell via an online or offline garage sale.

Donate Things You Cannot Sell

When moving on a budget, you need to lighten your moving load to spend less on removals and packing materials. Professionals removalists in Sydney charge you according to the weight of your things and the number of vehicles or round trips they need to move them. Thus, if you have things you cannot sell through a garage sale, donate them to an ACNC-registered charity. You can also ask family members, friends and neighbours to take things they need.

Get Creative With Packing Materials

Buying new boxes and packing materials from scratch is costly, and it is not a wise solution when you are moving on a tight budget. Therefore, you must get creative while packing your household items.

• Find original boxes, moulds, plastic bags and other materials you can find for gadgets, appliances, equipment etc.
• Use pillow covers, socks, bed sheets, blankets, and other things in your home to wrap fragile items.
• Use old newspapers as fillers for boxes and wrappers for small items.
• Get free used boxes from wine shops, retailers, and other businesses where corrugated boxes of different types are available.

Avoid Increasing The Moving Load

Factors such as distance, quantity of property contents, cost of packing materials, weight of moving items and many others determine how much your hired removalists in Sydney would charge. By getting new furniture, TV, home decor things, appliances and bulky items, you add to the packing and moving load and may have to pay removalists Sydney extra for managing special items, furniture, and large things.

Therefore, do your best to get rid of extra things and only keep the contents you need at the new home. This way, you also avoid buying things that won’t fit or look good in your new house.

Know Your Moving Options

Before hiring removalists in Sydney, understand your requirement to find the most suitable professionals and control your moving expenses.

Also, here are some options you must explore depending on your moving budget.

• Hire removal experts for a full-service move where they will take care of every aspect of your relocation.
• Avail of individual services for packing, storage, removals, unpacking etc. This way, you only pay for the professional assistance you need.
• Rent a storage container to load and unload at your own pace and get it delivered to your current and new residence as per directions. You can keep the storage unit for days or weeks to safely store your belongings while you move.
Rent a moving truck for a DIY move if you don’t think taking professional assistance is the best option.

Avail Backloading Service

Many reputed removalists in Sydney offer backloading option to people with a low moving budget. You can get your belongings moved economically through this service because removalists load your belongings on a moving truck coming back from a trip. Thus, the space in the vehicle is utilised, and removal companies can fund the return trip while helping clients transport their belongings cheaply.

When you avail of backloading service, you only pay for the space your things take in the moving truck. This option is one of the best when moving long-distance (more than 80 km) or interstate. The removalists take necessary precautions while moving your things, which is why you can relax and have peace of mind. But, you need to pack early and remain flexible about moving dates while availing of this service.


Moving house impacts your finances and savings because you have to manage multiple one-off expenses with your ongoing ones. Hiring professional removalists in Sydney is a great way to reduce your stress and expenditure. Furthermore, follow the tips shared above to control your spending and move on a tight budget without hassle.