How To Organise A Pre-Move Garage Sale?

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How To Organise A Pre-Move Garage Sale?

Dec 12, 2022 A house move is the best opportunity to eliminate unwanted stuff you collected over the years. Paring down your belongings is vital before relocating because it reduces your packing and moving load. Thus, you can reduce the cost of hiring cheap removalists Sydney and avoid worrying about round trips to move everything. One way to rid your house of unwanted things is donating to GIVIT, Freecycle Network, Vinnie’s shop, Salvos Store or a local charity. Another way many people opt is hosting a garage sale to sell off unnecessary belongings. It is a win-win situation for you and the person buying the stuff. Thus, if you are moving house, here’s your complete guide on a garage sale and how to organise a successful one.

What’s the Point of a Garage Sale?

The prime reason for hosting a garage sale is to earn extra money from things you don’t need in your home. You can conduct after spring cleaning or while moving house because you can focus on sorting your belongings and removing contents that clutter your house. It is called a garage sale because people usually display the things up for sale in their garage, yard or garden. However, with the digitisation of most aspects of life, you must also conduct a yard sale online.

What Sells the most on Online/Offline Garage Sales?

While decluttering your home, you must decide what to toss, donate and resell. To host a successful garage sale, you must put up things people are usually interested in buying. Thus, here is a list of things you can sell via an online/offline garage sale.
  • Furniture is one of the hottest selling things because buying a new one is expensive. Also, a lot of people are into revamping old furniture.
  • Vintage glassware, dishes and other items also sell at high prices. But make sure to sell on an online sale to get better bids.
  • Clothing in current fashion and good condition.
  • Hardware tools and kits because they are expensive to buy brand-new.
  • Games and toys for children.
  • Books, especially complete series of a famous author
  • Appliances & electronics 
  • Gym or sports equipment
Things that don’t sell well are makeup, skincare products, travel souvenirs, barely-functioning items, outdated electronics, or things in bad condition.

How to Organise a Successful Pre-move Garage Sale?

Never conduct a sale online or offline at the last minute because you will not generate enough traffic or buzz about it. The best time to start organising it is at least six weeks before moving, after you declutter and before booking removalists in Sydney to move your things. Other things you must remember to organise a good garage sale are listed below.
  • Never host a garage sale on a holiday because people usually spend it with family or friends.
  • Also, make an inventory to keep track of things that are sold and yet to be sold.
  • Choose a weekend to conduct the sale so that people can come without taking time off work,
  • Price things reasonably even if you haven’t used a product at all. The general rule is to price everything at 10% of the MRP because people coming to the sale want a bargain deal.
  • Advertise the sale on social media more than putting up flyers. You can use Facebook, YouTube, Instagram or any other site. Also, prefer to post a reel or short video because most media platforms support and promote the format the most.
  • Make sure everything is laid in clearly in the garage or yard for visitors to explore.
  • Clearly state the price of the items; if any price is negotiable, mention it on the label.
  • Offer bargain deals by selling all books at $1 each or t-shirts at $2-$3 each etc.
  • You can also put set prices for certain valuable or special-edition items. But it is best to sell them online.
  • If you cannot bargain well, take the assistance of a family member, friend or neighbour who can because garage sales require this skill.
  • Offer refreshments for visitors. It makes their visit positive and may encourage them to buy something.
  • Categories things to keep similar ones together. Organising items makes them easier to spot and attract buyers.
  • Keep a lot of change on hand because most people pay for items in cash. Be open to taking online payments as well.
  • Offer an early bird discount and be prepared to sell things immediately after starting the sale.

The Bottom Line

Hosting a garage sale is not easy, but it is worth the hassle because you can earn extra money and reduce your moving costs. Thus, use the tips above to know everything about yard sales and how to organise them like a pro. Make sure you do it before booking professional removalists in Sydney and after decluttering your house.