How To Organise Your Stuff After Moving?

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How To Organise Your Stuff After Moving?

Mar 21, 2022

House moves are chaotic, stressful and tiring because they involve multiple variables that you have to manage within a stipulated time. Besides packing and moving household belongings, you have to set up utilities, change your address, clean, travel and do much more. Managing everything without proper planning and preparation is a common mistake you can make during this time.

Therefore, hiring professional removalists in Sydney is a wise and practical solution to help with important tasks. Additionally, lighten your moving stress by organising your stuff after moving by following the tips shared below. Streamlining your post-move tasks makes settling in the new home easier and gives you much-needed relaxation after the physically and mentally taxing process of a house move.

Unpack Strategically

Instead of opening the boxes randomly after reaching your new home, unpack strategically to get comfortable and settle in faster. Start by unboxing stuff from important rooms like the kitchen, bathroom and bedrooms. If you have small children or pets, wrap their belongings first to ensure they can sleep, eat and rest while you take care of post-move tasks.

If you don’t have the time or energy to unpack, your hired Sydney removalists can help you with the task. Most good removalists offer personalised solutions and help by managing every aspect of a house move.

Keep Boxes In One Room

When opened or taped boxes are haphazardly placed inside your house, the risk of household members tripping and falling increases substantially. Therefore, make sure the removalists keep the boxes in one room from where you can pick things and place them in the areas where they are supposed to be. If you have small children and pets, keep them away from this room and make sure things aren’t in the hallway or pathways where they can cause injuries.

Clean The House

After moving into a new home, you should always clean it to remove dust, dirt and debris, especially when the property is newly built or renovated. It helps get rid of bric-a-brac, fine contaminants and germs that cause communicable and infectious diseases.

While wiping, vacuuming or performing other cleaning tasks, you get a better idea of the floor plan. Thus, you can place home décor items, furniture, clothes, and other belongings efficiently and organise them quickly because the surfaces & areas are clean.

Reassemble & Set Up Furniture & Electronics Carefully

Large and bulky furniture often requires dismantling to pack and move them easily and without damage. What’s more, electronic items with multiple components need reassembly during installation. Take pictures and videos while dismantling the items to refer to when you reach the new house and need to put things back. Take this measure, particularly when you have complex furniture and electronic systems to reassemble.

Divide Organising Tasks Among Household Members

Setting up every room after a house move is challenging without teamwork. Therefore, make sure every household member understands his/her responsibility to organise and place personal belongings responsibly. What’s more, have a family meeting to outline organising tasks for common rooms like the kitchen, bathroom, and living room to efficiently place furniture, electronics, appliances, equipment, and home décor items.

Use a good mobile application to create a new house checklist for easy dissemination of tasks and to keep track of everyone’s progress. Ensure the checklist outlines organising chores first to get them sorted immediately after you arrive at the new home.

Declutter If You Didn’t Before Packing

When moving at short notice, you don’t have the time to sort your belongings. Therefore, you must manage the task post-move to get rid of everything you don’t need. Here are some tips that will help you declutter effectively and efficiently.

• Get rid of duplicate items, especially in the kitchen. For example, if you have four pots but only two useful ones, wrap and both the others for discarding or donating.
• Box things you haven’t used for six months or plan to use at least once a year.
• Remove broken, old and unwanted things from your belongings.
• Check things you don’t need or have the room to keep in your new home for donating or reselling.
• Discard things that don’t fit or don’t look good in your new house.

After sorting your belongings, you have fewer things to sort and organise, which is why, even if you left behind things before moving decluttering again is beneficial.

The Bottom Line

Shifting to a new house is difficult and stressful, as you have to complete various things simultaneously. You can hire professional removalists in Sydney to manage your house move. But, you must organise the house post-move yourself, which is an important but time-consuming chore. Thus, if you need guidance, use the tips shared above to organise your stuff after moving.