How To Pick The Right Moving Truck Size?

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How To Pick The Right Moving Truck Size?

Jan 23, 2023

Do you want more control over your home removals? Plan everything from scratch to manage the packing, lifting and transporting processes. When doing this, ensure you create a complete list of things you need for a safe and sound experience.

One of the most important things is picking the right moving truck size to transit your household items safely.

It can be difficult to tell exactly how much space will be acquired by your large appliances, furniture and boxes. Of course, hiring Removalists Sydney can make things easy for you, but you have to pay the price accordingly. The drivers strictly follow the road safety rules while transiting your belongings.

If you are planning a DIY house move, read the guide and choose the most suitable moving truck size depending on the volume of your household belongings.

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The Importance of Choosing the Right Size

Picking the wrong truck size can be risky for your precious household belongings. It can create inconvenience and many other problems during loading and unloading. If you book a small truck under which all your items may not accommodate properly, you will face issues like making multiple trips to relocate all your goods, unloading the truck and renting a larger size, and you may also lose delicate items due to a chaotic space.

You can also de-clutter your belongings and look for the places to donate unwanted furniture in Sydney. This can help you reduce your moving load.

On the other hand, if you book a bigger truck, you will have sufficient space to load your stuff. However, unused space can increase the risk of damage, especially if you have artwork, glassware and other delicate items. Your boxes may move in the truck during the transportation process, so it is always good to opt for the right truck size.

Different Moving Truck Sizes For Safe Transportation

People usually book trained removalists Sydney because they bring all the necessary equipment and the right truck size. If you are moving on your own, you need to know the different sizes so that you can pick the right one depending on your specific needs:

Small-Sized Moving Trucks (7 ft – 9 ft)

This is an ideal size for transporting a studio apartment or 1 Bedroom house. It can accommodate goods of 1-2 rooms of items and can load a maximum of 600 to 2000 kg of weight.

Medium-Size Trucks

This is one of the most common sizes people ask for when relocating home. It has a length of around 14 to 19 feet. It can be used for moving household items, office stuff and industries. You can pick this particular size if you have a 2 or 3 Bedroom house because it can accommodate belongings of 3 to 5 rooms. However, the maximum weight it can bear is 4000 to 9000 Kg.

Large-Size Trucks (20 ft to 24 ft)

This particular size is perfect for moving goods of a 2-4 Bedroom apartment and villas. It can easily fit the belongings of 7 rooms, and its maximum weight-bearing capacity is 7000 Kg -14000 Kg. People pick this truck for a long-distance move.

Factors to Consider When Picking the Right Truck Size

Know Your House Size

There is a simple rule: The smaller your house, the smaller truck you will need to relocate. So, it is important to know the size of your house and consider all the key factors so that you won’t choose the wrong size. You can also hire professional removalists Sydney for the safety of your possessions. They will help you load your moving truck efficiently.

Refrain from booking an extra large truck. Keep the following thing in mind and save money:

  • If you have a studio apartment, book a small-sized truck
  • For a 2 to 3 bedroom House or unit , pick up a medium one
  • For a 4 to 5 bedroom house, you can opt for a larger moving truck.

Determine the Quantities of your Belongings

The number of household items is vital in picking the right moving vehicle.

For instance, You may have a few things to relocate even if you have a 2-bedroom unit. Some may de-clutter the house to stay minimalist. In such a situation, preparing an inventory list of your shipment is good. Keep the following tips in mind:

  • Size & type of large furniture
  • Total Electronic appliances
  • Shelves & cupboards
  • Quantity of delicate items
  • Packed boxes

It is good to get all your possessions covered in transit insurance for their utmost safety throughout the process.

Distance of Your Move

This is also a crucial factor that you need to consider when booking a moving truck.

For example: If you are moving within the same city and if all belongings don’t accommodate in the vehicle, you will have to make 2-3 trips. This won’t cost you much because of the short distance. But, if you are moving across the state, you need a bigger truck to fit all your belongings and stay relaxed.


It is good to get rid of unwanted household items and pack all your stuff before booking the right size of moving truck. It will help you save a lot of time, money and energy.