How To Plan Your Office Move Without Breaking The Bank

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How To Plan Your Office Move Without Breaking The Bank

May 31, 2019

Office relocation can happen for numerous reasons, from the expansion of a company to moving the business to other cities. Irrespective of the reason, the moving process is always expensive. Considering the possible benefits of office relocation, people often get carried away and do not think much before spending.

However, you need to be practical and make sure that you don’t break the bank. Hiring the best removalists in Sydney to assist you in moving is undoubtedly the easiest way to reduce the unnecessary costs.

Additionally, there are also several other ways that can help you to move your business economically. Let’s have a look.

1. Sell Or Donate The Office Equipment You Don’t Require

You can’t ask for a better time to part with those items, which are not working properly or you have in excess, and you are not going to use them anytime soon. This kind of stuff includes old phones, printers, copiers, office furniture and PCs.

It doesn’t make sense to pay for moving those items which you do not require anymore. If possible, sell these things, and you might get a good amount (depends on the quantity). Otherwise, you can donate it to the charities in Sydney.

2. Start Packing Early To Avoid Last Minute Confusion

If you wait until the last minute, you are most likely to experience stress and confusion. Most of the people underestimate the time it takes to wrap up everything in the office. Experts believe that if you are moving your own business, you must start packing your stuff in advance.

This will help you to plan everything properly. If you have a large inventory of items in the office, you might require more than a month to pack everything in an organised manner and get rid of all the unnecessary things. You can save on the packing cost by purchasing used boxes and packing material, but make sure that the condition of the boxes is good.

3. If You Want To Hire Professional Removalists, Book Them In Advance

If you are looking to contact a removals company in Sydney, you should call them at least two months in advance and book their service. Hiring professionals at the last moment can drain your budget for sure. Do your research properly and get several price quotes before choosing the best one.

Always remember that most of the removal companies do not make decisions for you as they pack everything and help you get adequate insurance cover for your expensive items. Thus, it is essential for you to keep everything organised and stay involved with them in the entire moving process.

4. Labelling Your Boxes Is Important

If you are relocating your office, you are going to have hundreds of boxes. Thus, it is essential for you to mark them all – on top as well as the side of the boxes – so that you can quickly locate your items without even opening them. You might need something urgently after your move.

If you label the box on the top and sides, you will find it easy to locate it in the crowd of boxes. Labelling the boxes will also help you to coordinate with the removalists.

5. Be Careful While Packing The Computer Monitors

Computers monitors are not that cheap, and here, we are talking about hundreds of monitors, which mean a hefty amount of money. Thus, a monitor should be appropriately wrapped in bubble wrap and taped or covered in a thick moving blanket.

Monitors should never be placed directly in boxes, and the tape should not come in contact with the monitor directly, otherwise, the glue can damage the screen. Moreover, it is also crucial that you purchase a portable hard drive and take back-up of all the systems to recover all the critical data in case of a mishap.

6. Read Instructions Before Moving The Electronics

Electronic office items like FAX machines, copiers, and printers are expensive and sensitive devices. So it is essential for you to be very careful while packing and moving them. Otherwise, it can get damaged, and a new one can cost you a lot of money.

Read the manuals of these devices as the instructions written on it can be very useful while moving. This way, you don’t need any expert advice, and you save a decent amount of money.

7. Be Careful When Removing And Packing The Computer Cables

Whether you have a couple of computers or a hundred of them (depends on the size of the office), the best way to start packing them is by removing all the computer cables one by one. So many cables can make you confused when you put them back.

Therefore, it is vital to keep them separately in large zip-locked baggies and label them properly so that you can identify which computer they belong to. Computer cables are delicate, so you need to make efforts so that they don’t get damaged or lost. Also, make sure that the ports and pins don’t get bent.


We all want a secure, seamless, and inexpensive office relocation, but our approach decides the result. Although the moving procedure is expensive, particularly for offices, you can make smart choices to minimise the expense. If you follow these ways, you will not only save a lot of money but also ensure least disruption in work.