How To Prepare Your Children For A House Move

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How To Prepare Your Children For A House Move

Sep 22, 2022

Residential mobility is common among families with children, as they often move for bigger/better housing, education and proximity to amenities, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics. Moving to a new house is challenging for adults but harder for children because they struggle with leaving a familiar environment and people.

While some children thrive despite frequent moves, most don’t and report unhappiness, dissatisfaction and internalising behaviour. Therefore, if you plan to move house and do so frequently, the onus is on you to make the process stress-free and smooth for your kids.

Hire professional furniture removalists Sydney to move your things without damage or loss. While the removalists manage your relocation, prepare your children for a house move with the following tips.

Don’t Keep Kids Sitting or Restrained

Understandably, you have a lot to manage and need your kids safe while you pack and move things in the house. However, avoid restraining them or making children under five years old sit in a stroller, car seat or high chair for more than an hour. Children feel agitated, irritated and unstimulated, making them associate house moving with helplessness, discomfort and boredom.

Therefore, find age-appropriate activities for your children to do while you complete moving-related tasks. Aim to make moving fun and exciting for kids rather than dull and frustrating.

Let Them Decorate Packing Boxes

Need your kid settled and excited to move while you pack? Ask them to paint, colour and decorate the packing boxes. Children have an innate urge to do what adults do, which is why they often want to pack with your or your hired removalists in Sydney.

Therefore, instead of restraining them or letting them see things from afar, hand them brushes, colours, glue, glitter and other art/craft items to show their creativity. Just make sure they are out of harm’s way and customised boxes that you don’t need immediately to keep things.

Give Simple Explanations

Moving house is a complex matter for adults, but it should be simple for children. Be straightforward when talking to your kids and let them know why you need to relocate.

Keep explanations short and depending on how verbal is your child. For example, you can explain your reasons for moving in a song or poem for toddlers, but you must have a one-on-one chat with an older kid because the decision will impact them more.

Additionally, ensure your child understands the house dynamics will remain the same, and they can expect to stay in the same colour room with their sibling or be with mommy/daddy in the new home.

Listen to Your Children

Keep your eyes and ears open for verbal and non-verbal communication from your children. Some kids are vocal about their feelings during a house move, while others are not.

Since most parents know whether their kids are introverts or extroverts, it is easier to know how they react when upset, angry, anxious etc. When moving with children, talk to them to discuss their issues and soothe their fears because house moves are especially challenging for children.

If your child exhibits internalising behaviours and you cannot get through to them, don’t hesitate to seek the assistance of a therapist or counsellor.

Help Children Declutter & Pack Their Things

One of the hardest things for children is leaving their things and packing for a house move. However, you must guide and help them through the process to lighten the packing and moving load for your hired removalists in Sydney.

  • Make separate piles for clothes, toys, games, reading/activity books, and other things.
  • Next, ask your kids what things they want to keep.
  • Also, ask them what things they want to give away and if they are in good condition, keep them aside for donating.
  • Get rid of broken, old and unwanted items.

After decluttering, involve your children in packing if they are old enough to put inside boxes, cut tape, fold clothes, wipe toys, etc. To make packing fun, use the boxes your kids decorated to keep their belongings and identify them quickly.

Encourage Connections at the New Place

Enrol your children in music lessons, sports training, dance classes, scouts groups and other things to help them connect with new people. You don’t need to wait until moving to familiarise them and yourself with the new place.

  • If you like reading, visit the local library with your children and get a card.
  • Join local community groups on social media platforms to learn about adult and children events & meets.
  • Explore places of interest like shopping centres, museums, restaurants, playgrounds, parks, etc.
  • Make sure to take photos and videos while doing a fun activity with your children to make memories.


Moving to a new home is overwhelming, and the entire process becomes even more challenging when children are involved.

Therefore, besides hiring professional removalists in Sydney to manage your move, use the tips shared above to prepare your children for a house move and make relocation less stressful. During and after moving, prioritise the needs of your kids to make relocation fun and positive for them.