How To Protect Doors And Door Frames When Moving

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How To Protect Doors And Door Frames When Moving

May 31, 2022 Doors and door frames often get scratched and dented on the moving day. It is one of those things that you must avoid during the relocation. Such damages in your rental house can allow the landlord to deduct bond money while it can reduce the market value of your home. The doors and door frames get damaged when you try to move out or move in bulky pieces of furniture like dressers, couches, tables, etc., without any planning. To protect the property as well as your belongings, it is essential to follow the correct technique. One of the best ways to protect doors and door frames on your moving day is by hiring professional removalists Sydney. They use their experienced and skills to load and unload all your belongings without causing any damage to the property. However, you can also carry out the task on your own by making a proper plan. Read on to know how to protect doors and door frames when moving.

Cover the Doors and Door Frames

You can easily avoid the damages like scratches, dents, scuffs, scrapes, gouges and breakage by only covering and padding the doorways appropriately with different kinds of protective materials. These materials can be cardboard sheets, moving blankets or bubble wrap. The best option is to use furniture blankets that certified Sydney removalists use all the time. However, regular household blankets are also acceptable. Do not rule out the bubble wrap or sheets of thick cardboard, as they can also provide excellent protection.

Protect the Doors Indirectly

You can also indirectly protect the door and door frames by ensuring that any bulky household item you want to move through is properly covered or disassembled. Try the following ways:
  • Disassemble Furniture: One of the best ways is to disassemble all big and heavy furniture so that the smaller parts can effortlessly pass through all the door frames inside the house. Read the instruction manual to ensure that you are doing it correctly and can again reassemble it later. If you don’t know how to disassemble your large furniture safely, hire seasoned removalists in Sydney to complete the task.
  • Pad Furniture and Appliances: Wrap all your large and heavy household items with bubble wrap and moving blankets so that any slight contact with the surface does not lead to serious damage. Remember that using thick padding materials is one of the house moving safety tips everyone should follow because they serve as outstanding shock absorbers.
  • Use Loading Equipment: A moving dolly can easily move out your huge furniture or any other heavy items that can possibly to damage your doors and door frames. Keep in mind that it’s much easier to move around the tight corners and smaller doorways with the correct moving dolly. The two-wheel furniture dolly is generally used, which is also known as a hand truck.
  • Have Enough Manpower: When you have enough helping hands for moving all the oversized items in your home, the chances of damaging the property decrease a lot. Depending on the weight and dimensions of the furniture, two to four people will be required to complete the task safely.

Hire Professionals

Protecting doors and door frames involves a lot of planning and effort, which can be highly stressful when you have numerous things to look after. In this situation, the best option will be to hire a Reliable removals company in Sydney. They have an experienced team of professionals who use their knowledge, skills and training to complete the task. They make sure that all your large furniture and appliances get loaded and unloaded without causing any damage to the door and door frames of the property. The professionals use modern equipment and advanced techniques to accomplish that task perfectly and within the deadline. That is why you should hire professional movers.

Remove the Doors

Sometimes removing a door is the best way to protect it. When the door is pretty costly, and potential damage to it will cost you a lot of money, this option is highly recommended. You should also consider this option if the preliminary measurements of your bulky furniture, appliances, and doorway indicate that it will be a close call. To be on the safe side, you should take a problematic door off its frame and carefully place it at a safer distance. Make sure you have at least two more people to assist you with the delicate door removal task. And if you are unable to do it, then you can contact a professional handyman or carpenters as they can complete the task quickly.

The Bottom Line

Protecting doors and door frames when you are moving out of home is not as difficult as it seems. All you need to do is to make a detailed plan and follow the ways mentioned above. To avoid the hassle and stress of moving and ensuring the safety of property, hire the best removalists in Sydney. They will help you to complete your move smoothly.