How To Save Money On Packing Supplies When Moving?

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How To Save Money On Packing Supplies When Moving?

Mar 06, 2019

Relocating a house from one location to another is an adventurous and stressful process. It can be a challenging task, especially when you are moving on a budget. There are so many costs involved in an entire moving process that can’t be overlooked.

Whether you are relocating next to your street or making a far-distance move, it is imperative to prepare and plan a cost-effective moving plan. Fortunately, there are many ways that you can consider to negotiate your moving budget. You can save money on things like packing materials/supplies.

This is an area where you can cut back your expenses and save money for other important things such as hiring professional Removalists in Sydney. Experienced and renowned removal companies not only assist in difficult situations but also save precious belongings from being damaged.

This clearly means that a well-prepared relocation plan can help you save both time and money. But make sure you use creative ideas while packing your stuff. To help you in your cost-effective moving process, we bring you this blog post which will help you save some dollars and still keep your belongings protected.

1. Create a packing list

No matter how far or near you are moving, make sure you create a list of packing materials that will be needed for safe and secure removal of your belongings and for creating a moving budget.

Many people skip this step because they find it a time-consuming task – which could be a big mistake while relocating on a low budget. Evaluate all your belongings and prepare a list of supplies you will be required during the packing process.

2. Pack Stuff in ‘Used’ Boxes

This is one of the best and money-saving tricks that can work in your favour. Instead of buying expensive packing cartons or boxes, you can look for the used ones that are in good condition for your household stuff.

You can go to any liquor store in Sydney and ask them to provide you used wine or liquor boxes. Local grocery stores also carry such boxes, or you can borrow from any book store.

Such boxes are good for packing books or other smaller items. Just make sure they are strong enough to carry your belongings.

For your valuable items, you can buy high-quality packing boxes from reliable removalists in Sydney. Such companies offer durable and quality boxes that can carry your belongings to your new house.

3. Use Towels, Linens and Clothing for Fragile Items

Many people buy expensive boxes and other fancy packing supplies to pack fragile items for safe removal. Of course, the safety of valuable belongings is imperative, but you can’t spend your entire budget on them. Instead of using bubble wraps, you can pack using towels, linens, pillows and grocery bags.

This could save you money but ensure that your hired removalists handle the boxes carefully. You can also use newspaper to wrap fragile items such as glassware, artwork, lampshades, mirrors, plates, wine bottles, etc before putting them inside the boxes.

Don’t forget to label these boxes so that the movers know what’s inside. If you are relocating yourself, keep the fragile boxes in your car. Also, donate the the stuff you do not use anymore to charities in Sydney to save some valuable time and money.

4. Buy Plastic Containers on Rent

If you want to save money from purchasing plastic containers, then seek out for companies who can rent them for a reasonable fee. It is highly recommended to rent plastic containers from a trusted removal company in Sydney which can provide you with quality containers at the most nominal fee, as they are a good replacement for cardboard boxes which are a waste and have to be sent for recycling after unpacking.

You can ask for heavy-duty plastic containers to store your sports equipment, cleaning supplies, garage tools and kitchen supplies. These uniformly-sized containers can protect your stuff throughout the moving process while keeping your budget in control.

5. Utilise Garbage Bags

Though garbage bags are not strong enough to carry household belongings, they do work well for packing bedding and clothing. You can cut off your expenses on packing supplies by replacing expensive boxes and bags from garbage bags.

They can carry bed linens and other clothing with ease. And the best part is that you can see what’s actually packed inside – which will save you time during the unpacking process in your new house.

6. Egg Cartons for Cushioning

It is good to cushion both the sides of your moving boxes with empty egg cartons. These can protect your delicate items from any damage during the loading and unloading process.

7. Invest only in necessary packing supplies

If you have to spend money on packing materials, then invest in those that are important for the safety of your belongings during the move. You can buy packing tape, bubble wraps, box cutters/scissors, markers for labelling or colour stickers for colour coding, etc.


House relocation is certainly an expensive experience. While there some expenses that you can cut off, there are some brilliant ways that can help you save money and budget. The tips mentioned above in the post will help you cut costs on packing supplies and let you save a few dollars. For a better experience, you can also hire Sydney’s best removalists that can assist you in packing and moving processes with care and precision.