Important Questions To Ask When Hiring A Moving Company

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Important Questions To Ask When Hiring A Moving Company

Sep 28, 2022

A house move isn’t a cakewalk, as it requires multi-tasking and the completion of various tasks within a stipulated time. Therefore, it’s not surprising you feel stressed, anxious and overwhelmed while packing and moving.

Besides being physically and mentally tiring, the entire process is financially taxing when renting a moving truck and getting your own packing materials. Hiring professional removalists in Sydney is a practical solution to manage your relocation smoothly and reduce moving costs.

However, you must book the right moving company to have a stress-free move, which is easier said than done. The removals industry has significant mushrooming of moving companies, and scammers lurk to dupe overwhelmed homeowners/tenants. Thus, here is a list of essential questions to ask when hiring a moving company in Sydney & get quality services.

1. Are You Licenced & Accredited?

Booking removalists without asking about their business license and permits is never wise. You must explore websites of moving companies to check this information. The removalists in Sydney you hire must have National Business Name Registration by Australia Securities and Investments Commission. Additionally, they need ABN, ACN, ARBN & ARSN unique identity numbers.

Also, hiring removalists accredited with the Australian International Movers Association (AIMA) and Australian Furniture Removers Association (AFRA) is safer than removalists not affiliated with a trusted regulatory body in Sydney.

2. What are Your Services?

Aim to find a one-stop destination for your packing and moving needs. Before asking this question, keep the list of your requirements ready to ensure the moving company can meet them. A thriving and good-scale company can easily offer the following solutions.

  • Full moving service
  • Local and interstate removals
  • Packing and unpacking services
  • Storage service
  • Backloading service

3. How much do the Removalists Charge/Hour?

Usually, the standard service charge of a removalist in Sydney is $90/hour. However, you can also find professionals offering services as low as $80/hour or as high as $100/per.

Depending on factors like scale, location, distance and others, a local house move can cost anywhere between $300 to $3000. The moving cost can go up to $8000 if you relocate to another state. Therefore, asking this question is vital to get removalists within your budget.

4. Are Your Removalists Verified, Trained & Insured?

The best part about hiring professional removalists in Sydney is they have the skills and experience to pack and move household contents effectively and efficiently. You don’t have to pay overhead and insurance charges too. Therefore, ensure the removalists in Sydney you hire are trained and insured, even for a small move.

In addition to inquiring about training and insurance, if the moving company conducts background checks before onboarding removalists (contract or permanent). The professionals you book must have their identification card, driver’s license and other important documents when they arrive at your home for packing/moving.

5. Do You Perform Pre-move Surveys?

Pre-move surveys are necessary to get an accurate quote from removalists. During this review, the removalists visit your home to look at the property size, location, number of contents etc.

A pre-move survey helps them determine the move’s scale, packing supplies’ requirements, mobility issues, and important factors. Pre-move surveys are also beneficial because you can ask the removalists questions regarding the move and observe their professionalism.

Note: Don’t entertain a moving company that refuses a pre-move survey and only offers an instant quote.

6. Do You Offer Moving Insurance?

Moving insurance differs from home, renters and content insurance. Most budget removalists Sydney offer basic liability coverage with their services without additional costs. However, this cover is low, and you don’t get much reimbursement in case of damage.

Instead, you can opt for declared value protection or full replacement liability insurance. The former offers good cover, but the latter provides the best and most costly cover. Therefore, depending on your moving budget and insurance needs, select a policy that will give you peace of mind.

7. What Forms of Payment do You Accept?

Reputed moving companies in Sydney have flexible payment methods. They accept payment via credit cards, online banking, cash, cheques etc. Asking this question is not only essential to know how you can pay but also to alert you of red flags.

Avoid booking a moving company that asks for an upfront payment of the entire moving cost in advance. Additionally, be wary of removalists asking for payment only in cash and in full before the moving day.

The Bottom Line

Moving is a time-consuming, stressful and tiring process. Therefore, besides getting answers to the important questions mentioned above, you must put your mind at ease by asking additional inquires. Good removalists in Sydney will ensure you get answers and support. Thus, you can plan your move without stress and hassle.