Important Tips To Make Your Office Move Hassle Free

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Important Tips To Make Your Office Move Hassle Free

Jul 11, 2018

Relocating an entire office from one location to another is a massive task that needs proper planning, professional support and streamlined moving strategies. It is not like typical house moving chores because here you have to maintain the productivity of your company while performing relocating tasks.

This means you have to put more efforts in scheduling a smooth and hassle-free office moving process. With the assistance of reliable Sydney Removalists, you can ensure the safety of your commercial belongings and other items until delivered to the final destination. But, if you want to keep every single step stress-free, then stick to the basic office moving checklist.

Today in this post, we will share a complete office moving tips that will help you manage your relocation process swiftly and efficiently.

Phase of Planning

Moving an office without a customised checklist can be your biggest mistakes. Before jumping into any process, be sure to draft a moving plan that can save you from unexpected situations and hurdles. Planning not only saves you from complicated stages but also keeps you organised. In case, you don’t have that much of time, then do the following things and get started with the planning phase:

1. Set a Timeframe

Do you want to experience smooth and safe office relocation? If yes, then do not forget to fix the date by which you have to move your commercial space. Once you know the right time of your move out date, you can schedule further moving tasks accordingly.
So, the first thing you need to do is to decide the date when you want to relocate from the current location to the new one. And don’t forget to write down all the essential tasks and manage it accordingly.

2. Make a Team and Delegate Vital Tasks

Being a business owner, it is your responsibility to inform your employees about your office move. Since it will be a major change for your employees, make sure you share this news ahead of time.

Encourage your team members to work efficiently and keep the things organised. This will assist in the quick progression of the work and also reduce the burden on your employees. You can create a team and assign their roles and responsibilities to perform different activities related to the move.

3. Create a List of Inventory

Nothing can be better than creating a list of things that you don’t want to relocate to your new office. This not only reduces the stress out of the move but also cuts down the moving cost. All you need to do is to make a list of all the items and determine which furniture you want to move and what things you want to sell or donate to the charity in Sydney.

4. Determine your Budget

You can’t skip to the next phase without determining your estimated moving budget. Whether you are moving locally or to the different city, it is always good to have a rough idea about your moving budget – this will give you better clarity while packing your commercial space stuff.
For example, If your budget is low, you can purge fewer items, or you can engage your team to assist you in packing chore.

Phase of Preparation

Once you have created your moving checklist, let’s get started with the organisation of your various moving tasks and prepare your office for a move. Below are the things that you need to do before you jump into the next step:

1. Purge unused Items

This is one of the most common steps that can save both your budget and efforts. Get rid of unused or old furniture, outdated systems and unnecessary files that no longer be needed. You can ask your team for help and encourage them to de-clutter all the loose papers into piles and files. Make sure every document is compiled in a file(s) – this keeps things organised.

2. Recycle Old Computer Systems and Electronic Products

Once you are done with purging out paper wastes, drag your focus towards recycling old computer systems, laptops and other electronic machines. It also plays an imperative role in making your office relocation a quick and hassle-free one.

Tip: Recycle all the electronic equipment carefully to protect your company’s security management systems.

3. Inform your IT Team

If you have your in-house IT team, then inform them about the office relocation so that they can start their planning accordingly.
With the assistance of an IT team, you can take inventory of your equipment and can also get rid of old or outdated databases that are no longer needed. Plus, IT members know the best tricks of packing computers, cords and phones.
So, inform them ahead and let them assist you in packing chore.

4. Arrange Best Quality of Packing Materials

Whether you are relocating to the next street or a new suburb near Sydney, it is always good to keep the best quality of packing supplies handy. You can look around the market and find out the company that can offer you a comprehensive range of packing supplies, including bubble wraps, foam rolls, packing paper, packing list envelopes, stretch wraps, tape, tubes, mattress protector, etc. at reasonable rates.

Tip: Don’t forget to buy customised corrugated boxes to keep your precious belongings safe throughout the lifting, loading and moving process.

5. Hire Reliable Sydney Removalists

If you want to experience a safe and smooth relocation, then it is always better to hire a removalists company that can offer you a wide array of services including packing, storing, packing supplies, interstate and local moves, etc. at the most competitive prices. Look for a company which can help you have an eco-friendly move and can assist you in your complicated office relocation tasks while keeping your belongings safe throughout the journey.

Tip: Ask for the free quotes before making any final decision. Also, read customer reviews to get better clarity about the service provider for your next removal.

6. Create a Custom-made Floor Plan of New Office

Most of the entrepreneurs forget about this step and then find difficulties in setting up their new office space. To utilise the space properly, you have to create a layout of your floor.
Make sure every item including the equipment, furniture and other imperative things are appropriately accustomised in your office.
Also make arrangements for the workstation, wiring, air conditioner, etc. to keep things organised in a better way.

Phase of Packing

1. Start your Packing Process

Packing is one of those chores that determine the success of your relocation. Make sure you pack your valuable office belongings, furniture and other items like a pro to protect them from damages during the transit process.

2. Archive Old Files

Before a month of your relocation, you can start archiving your old files. Let your IT team look through the files, data and folders and get rid of those that are no longer in use. Make sure you discard it here in your old commercial space.

3. Ask Professionals to Move Heavy Furniture

Let your removalists team pack and move your heavy furniture with ultimate care. Professional packers carry the best moving equipment such as a dolly to keep your expensive furniture safe while shifting it from one location to another. So, ensure your removal company in Sydney offers you safe and secure moving solutions with a zero damage guarantee.


Moving an office space can be a smooth and efficient process if you follow the checklist properly. The tips mentioned-above in this blog post will make it easy for you to relocate your office without the loss of your company’s productivity. You can hire professional and reliable Sydney Removalists to experience safe and hassle-free office relocation within your given timeframe.