Living in Sydney: Know the City before Moving

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Living in Sydney City

Living in Sydney: Know the City before Moving

Nov 29, 2019

If you are planning to move to Sydney, then you must be aware of the fact that you are not the only one who is moving to the metropolis. The capital city of New South Wales is the most populated place in the country and attracts thousands of young adults every year. The fast-paced lifestyle, job opportunities, and educational facilities are some of the main factors that make this place so special. It is the most expensive city in the country, so if you are planning to move here, it is advisable to do your research properly and prepare a budget.

Once you have gathered sufficient knowledge and done with all the planning, hire experienced removalists in Sydney. They will help you to move all your belongings without causing any damage to them. Here are a few things that you should know about the city before moving. Let’s have a look!

Know About the Basic Things

If you are moving to a big city like Sydney, you must gather enough information about the place. This will help you to settle down without any hassle. Sydney is the most expensive city in Australia and one of the most popular places across the world.


The capital city of New South Wales is home to more than 5 million people. Although the city offers plenty of job opportunities and housing facilities, many people find it challenging to cope up with the high cost of living. Still, people coming to this place always outnumber the people leaving this metropolitan area. In the last ten years, around 200,000 people moved from Sydney, NSW to other parts of the country but more than 500,000 people came here and settled down.


Most of Australia boasts of excellent weather, and the capital of NSW is no exception. The sunny weather is quite pleasant and stays the same for most of the year. It can be a little sticky when the humidity level reaches around 65%. This time is appropriate to hit the beach. The winters are mild and considered as the best time for outings.


The people of New South Wales are quite health-conscious, and Sydney is no exception. They will inspire you in several ways to join the club. People here usually workout before work and even during lunch hours. Not only that, they are also very friendly. They will often walk past you with a smile on their face and can even strike up a small conversation at random places. When you have nice people around you, it gives you good vibes, and you start feeling great. That is why this place is known as one of the friendliest cities in the world.


Traffic is one of the biggest challenges for people living in Sydney. The average commute here is more than one hour – the highest in Australia. So, owning a car might not be as useful as you may think. There are several apartments in the inner city that don’t even have parking facility. Here, opting for public transportation will be a much better option. Buses, trains and ferries have good connectivity with almost every area. Another great thing about this place is that it is the home of one of the largest car share network in the country.

Study the Job Market Properly

Sydney is the largest city in the country in terms of size and financial activity. One of the biggest reasons why this place attracts thousands of young adults is that it offers plenty of job opportunities in various fields. So, if you are planning to move and settle down here, finding a job in Sydney will not be a problem. However, you need to make sure that before you make a move, you have a job in your pocket. This is because Sydney is quite expensive, so without a suitable job, you will find it difficult to meet your high expenses. If you get a job and need to move quickly, hire budget removalists in Sydney to relocate smoothly.

Most of the corporate jobs are found in the Sydney Central Business District (CBD). It is the main commercial centre of the city. You can also find jobs in Macquarie Park, Parramatta and North Sydney. If you want to go for the creative fields, the inner-city would be the right place. It is also a great place to run your own business. The government has various plans to support small businesses. They promote businesses opportunities to enhance capacity and productivity. So before you move, do your research properly and know about your source of income.

Gather Information about the Suburbs in Sydney

There are more than 650 suburbs that stretch about 40 km to the north, 60 to the south and 70 km to the west. Buying property in the most expensive city in Australia is a dream for many due to its high price. The median house price in Sydney is in excess of $1 million while the price of apartments is around the $760,000 mark. Thus, experts believe that if you are planning to move to this part of the country, purchasing a property can be a bad option.

Instead, you should look to rent a house. Although renting is not cheap in Sydney, it can save money. If you are planning to rent a house, it will be better to stay close to the Central Business District. Few suburbs are 10 to 20 kilometres from the CBD. The rent price of the apartments here is well below the average.

The suburbs are Croydon Park ($425 p/w), Gladesville ($485 p/w), Eastlakes and Ashfield (both $490 p/w). If you want to go a little further, there are Bankstown ($550 p/w), Campsie and Canterbury (both $600 p/w). The chances are high that you will find a small place. So get rid of the clutter and only bring essential items. Hire experienced removalists in Sydney for hassle-free relocation. Do your research properly, visit websites and stay in touch with the property dealers to find the most suitable one at the right price.

Explore the Important Places of the City

Whether you are moving to this place with your family or all alone due to higher education or professional commitments, you will need a break so that you can have a good time. And this place never disappoints people. Here are some fantastic places to visit with your friends and family. Such places include Sydney Opera House, Darling Harbour, Sydney Harbour Bridge, George Street, Hyde Park, Art Gallery of New South Wales, Taronga Zoo and the exceptional beaches (particularly Bondi Beach). You can have a great time at these places. You can also visit some world-class restaurants in Sydney to enjoy delicious foods and drinks.

Moreover, if you are moving to this place for higher education of your kids, it has some top-notch universities including the University of Sydney, University of New South Wales (UNSW), and Macquarie University. Quality education in this city is one of the main reasons to move to Sydney.  These places offer a wide range of courses and have exceptional faculty.

The Bottom Line

Moving to the capital of NSW is an expensive venture and requires a lot of planning. Gather as much information as possible about the place before moving. Get a job first before moving, choose a house with minimum rent, hire budget removalists in Sydney, take valuable belongings, and so on. All the information mentioned here will help you to start your thorough research.