Minimalist Moving: 5 Ways To Declutter For A Lighter Load

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Minimalist Moving: 5 Ways To Declutter For A Lighter Load

Apr 29, 2019 There is no denying the fact that moving a house with too much stuff is an overwhelming task. Since homes are always loaded with unnecessary items, old furniture, clothes, heirlooms, camping equipment and sports paraphernalia that we never use, make sure you get rid of them before making the move. This not only reduces your moving load but also save you time and money. You can get rid of excess junk before hiring professional removalists in Sydney. This will make it easy for the removalists to pack and transit your valuable belongings before the given deadline. So, make sure you plan and organise your messy home as early as possible. You can prepare three months before your final moving day. If you are still finding this decluttering task difficult, then have a look at the five super-easy ways that will make your move a bit easier and lighter.

1. Scheduling is Must

Nobody cares about the mess and unwanted items stuffed in the house until it is time to move. The stress occurs when it comes to packing all the belongings before the relocation. That’s where people find themselves anxious. If you want to ensure a hassle-free and affordable move, then declutter your home at least two to three months before your moving day. It is good to make a schedule and try to focus on each room individually to get rid of all the stuff you are not taking with you to your new house. Try to be realistic with your deadlines and ensure you have a complete checklist before getting into the process.

2. Decide What’s to Eliminate

Sorting household belongings is a crucial step when you want to lighten your moving load. But before you start the process, make sure you decide what to keep and what to throw. Many professionals recommend following a KonMari method, which was made popular by Marie Kondo. She is the author of The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, which unveils one of the renowned decluttering methods. According to the KonMari method, you need to choose the items that you want to take along with you rather than deciding what to get rid of. Begin the process by collecting every single item of the same category and put them in a big pile. This lets you compare all items of a similar type, and you will be able to sort out the less-liked or unused items quickly. It is a great way to organise a decluttering chore, which will save your precious time.

3. Supervise your emotions

It is always challenging to declutter because your belongings are more than mere objects. Emotions are attached to them – they make you feel happy and cherished whenever you hold or see them. This is one of the reasons why it becomes difficult to dismiss all the junk that are you no longer need. We keep on gathering the items that strike a chord with us, even if we don’t use them regularly. Later on, this increases the weight of the moving boxes. So, it is essential for you to supervise your emotions connected with the items you don’t want anymore. Keep your emotions aside and think practically while sorting out all the items. It is better to donate items to the Charity in Sydney – this will make you feel satisfied that someone is making the most out of it.

4. Keep Things Organised

Since you are already in the planning phase, make sure you start devising the layout of your new home. Create a floor plan using a graph paper for each room along with each piece of your furniture. After that, you can find easily how much space you will have in each area. Make use of tape to mark the dimensions of each piece of furniture such as dining table, couch, sofa, bed, side table, etc. According to the floor plan, you can decide what to keep and what to get rid of while decluttering your home. This is one of the best tricks many professional removals companies in Sydney recommend.

5. Organise a Garage Sales

If your primary goal is to get organised, declutter the mess and do some serious downsizing, then you might need to arrange a successful garage sale. This is the best opportunity for those who want to convert unnecessary items into cash. A garage sale lets you sell out anything including the garage equipment, sporting goods, old furniture, décor items, linens, kitchenware, books, etc. All you need to do is to organise a garage sale a two to three weeks before your move on Saturday or Sunday mornings. This will encourage more people to come and buy stuff at the most reasonable rates. Many people in Sydney who are moving out organise such types of sales to reduce the stress and load of moving. Apart from this, they also get an opportunity to make some cash from junk items.


Decluttering can be a challenging task to start if you are not prepared well. But once you get going, you can easily get rid of extra things that can increase the load on your big move. With these tips, you can lighten the weight of your packed boxes on your moving day and also save money. For safe and secure service, you can hire fully-trained, and police verified Sydney Removalists. They can relocate all the household items with care and responsibility.