Moving A Couch: DIY Moving Tips

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Moving A Couch: DIY Moving Tips

Dec 07, 2023

Every household has a couch due to the comfort and aesthetic quality it brings into the living space. People utilise it for relaxation purposes. Yet, when it is time to move this beloved piece of furniture, you will certainly face difficulties. Moving a couch might seem like a simple task.

However, due to its shape and size, relocating it will prove to be a challenge, especially when navigating through staircases, doorways and other tight spaces. A bit of physical effort and planning are majorly important to ensure a successful move.

It is not just about transferring an item from point A to B, rather, it is about ensuring the item, floor, and walls are not damaged. Similarly, ensuring there is no risk of personal injury is also vital. This is why professional removalists in Sydney always practice caution and utilise suitable techniques to safely move a couch.

Here are the DIY moving tips to move a couch. Apply these tips to ensure your couch arrives at your new residence safely.

1. Clear the Surrounding Areas

Before moving the couch, ensure the surrounding spaces are clear, leading to an unobstructed pathway. Get rid of any loose items, small furniture, and other obstacles that can block movement. A clear pathway is ideal for a smooth transition while decreasing the risk of tripping or damaging other similar items when maneuvering the furniture.

Moreover, place furniture pads or thick blankets along the path, as well as in high-traffic spaces, to ensure the couch, floor, door and door frames are protected. Such coverings will serve as a barrier against scuffs, scratches, and unintentional bumps, maintaining the condition of the floor surfaces and furniture.

2. Eliminate Obstructions

Prior to moving the couch, disassemble the detachable parts, including cushions, legs, or reclining mechanisms. This way, you will be able to reduce the item’s weight while making it easier to maneuver it through tight spaces and corners. Look for any protruding elements that might snag or snatch door frames or walls and tackle them as early as possible.

Streamlining the couch’s structure decreases the risk of any possible damage and makes the entire moving process much more manageable. This is how most professional removalists in Sydney move furniture safely.

3. Utilise Correct Lifting Techniques

While lifting the couch, it is recommended to practice safety through the usage of proper lifting techniques. Remember to bend your knees, not your back, and ensure your back is straight during lifting. Make use of the strength in your legs to properly lift the couch and avoid unwanted strain on your back muscles.

If possible, use lifting straps or handles to ensure the weight is distributed evenly between people who are moving, leading to a reduced risk of injuries. Using proper techniques is paramount for ensuring the safety of the people moving the couch and preventing the furniture from getting damaged.

4. Tilt or Slide the Couch

If viable and safe according to the couch’s structure, it is ideal to gently tilt the sofa or couch. It will be helpful for navigating the furniture through tight spaces. Slightly tilting it will make way for reduced width, leading to easier maneuvering through narrow openings. While doing this, be very cautious not to put additional strain on the upholstery.

As an alternative, attentively slide the couch along the floor with the use of furniture gliders or by setting up cardboard pieces underneath to reduce friction. An effective approach like this demands the least lifting and permits smoother movement, especially around flooring surfaces.

Experienced removalists in Sydney often utilise this method to prevent scratches or damage to both the floor and the couch. Now, you will be able to load the couch in the vehicle.

5. Adequately Secure it for Transportation

After placing the couch and other items in the moving vehicle, it is vital to secure it to ensure safe transportation. Make use of robust straps or ropes to secure the couch in place, avoiding any possible shifts or movement during the move. Confirm that these restraints are strongly tightened and placed to offer support to the furniture from various angles, keeping it stable during the journey.

Moreover, use thick blankets or furniture pads to add a protective layer, defending against scratches, scuffs, or possible damage that can be caused by movement. Taking these safety measures reduces the risk of damage during transit, and that is why professional removalists in Sydney use them.

6. Safely Unload the Couch

After arriving at the new residence, carefully maneuver the furniture out of the vehicle. Slowly and steadily, move it out of the vehicle. Use the same lifting techniques that you utilised for loading the items.

Do not rush the process, especially when navigating through narrow spaces. Keep in mind the layout of your new home to find the best place for the couch. Have the furniture blankets or pads ready to safeguard the couch during the unloading process.

Wrapping Up

Moving a couch can prove to be a hectic challenge if you are unable to utilise the adequate method. Ensure you have a plan prepared and use the right lifting techniques. These DIY moving tips can help you make the process smoother, leading to a reduced risk of damage and safe arrival at the new home.