Moving and Packing Tips by Professionals

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Moving and Packing Tips by Professionals

May 17, 2021

Ideally, moving house should be among the most exciting, fun, and happy period of your life. But, it is often stressful and challenging due to the pressure of completing various important tasks simultaneously.

Therefore, you should always plan your move strategically and take the assistance of professional removalists in Sydney to manage the process smoothly and without hassle. Removal experts can help you with various things and prevent your property contents from getting lost or damaged during handling or transportation.

In addition to seeking help, you need to know other things as well to have a good moving experience. Thus, outlined below are moving and packing tips by professionals that you should follow. Have a look.

Create a Moving Checklist

Making a moving checklist is beneficial whether you are moving for the first time or have done multiple times. It is excellent for sorting and streamlining tasks according to urgency and importance. The list should include everything you need to complete before and after moving into your new home, such as:

• Organising your belongings and creating an inventory
• Packing
• Managing utilities and changing address
• Booking reliable cleaners and removalists in Sydney
• Finding a good school and enrolling your children, etc.

You can make a personalised moving checklist after referring to templates online or using mobile applications like Moving Checklist Pro, Move Me Out, Evernote etc.

Don’t Hesitate to Get Full-Service Removal Assistance

Availing a complete moving service is one of the best solutions when you have a demanding job, small children, carer responsibilities or other commitments that leave you with little time or energy to manage moving-related tasks. This option is a fool-proof way to relocate, as your hired removalists in Sydney handle every aspect of the move. They will pack, label, handle and transport your belongings, and arrange for packing supplies, moving trucks, and other necessary things.

Explore Partial Removal Solutions

If you don’t want removalists to handle every aspect of your move, there are various partial removal options you can explore. Here are some of them that you should know.

• Hire professional removalists in Sydney to manage the loading/unloading of property contents on the moving truck and have them transported safely to your new home.
• Get a storage container moving service where you pack and load the container after it is delivered to your current dwelling. Arrange for the container to be delivered to your new home by the company and unload it at your convenience.
• Rent a moving truck for a DIY move.

Shop for Boxes Properly

Often while shopping for packing boxes, it is hard to choose the right size and type. Thus, to ease confusion, get them in the following standard measurements.

• 8-10 Small boxes: 16″ x 12″ x 12″
• 6-8 Medium boxes: 18″ x 16″ x 18″
• 4-6 Large boxes 18″ x 18″ x 24″
• 2-3 XL boxes: 24″ x 20″ x 24″

In addition, get 2-3 special boxes as per requirement for packing your wardrobes, dishes, big flat electronics/art/mirrors, and important documents/files.

Pack Strategically

If you are not taking the assistance of professional removalists in Sydney for packing your belongings, here are tips for managing the activity strategically.

• Always pack the least used contents first and commonly/regularly used items last.
• Pack room by room, ensuring you start boxing contents of rooms used less like the basement, storeroom, etc., before daily used rooms like bedroom, kitchen and bathroom.
• Declutter your home and get rid of everything you don’t want to take to your new house. Responsibly discard trash/broken items and donate or resell things in good condition.

Ensure the Moving Truck is Loaded Correctly

Whether you are loading the truck yourself or getting professional help, getting this activity is done correctly is crucial. Thus, ensure the following things:

• Boxes with contents of rooms are loaded according to importance.
• The bedroom, kitchen and bathroom items are loaded last, as they need to be unloaded and unpacked first after arriving at your new home.
• Boxes with fragile and delicate items are loaded after everything else to prevent damage.
• Mattresses, mirrors, flat screens, paintings, and other such items should be placed against the fall of the truck for support and stability.

Pack an Essentials Bag

Packing an essentials bag a few days before moving is important to have everything you might need on the main day on hand. The bag can have medicines, a first-aid kit, a change of clothes, snacks, water, device chargers, and other necessary things. Make sure everyone in your household has an essential bag packed for the moving day to make the journey comfortable and less stressful.

The Bottom Line

Moving to a new home is a back-breaking and difficult process that takes a toll on your mentally, physically and emotionally. Therefore, it is crucial you take the assistance of professional removalists in Sydney who have the expertise, experience, and skills to manage challenging tasks and ease your burden. Additionally, follow the tips mentioned above to plan your move and execute it smoothly for shifting into your new home happily.