Moving Checklist: How To Make A Smooth Move

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Moving Checklist: How To Make A Smooth Move

Aug 10, 2022

Have you set a moving day deadline and want everything to go smoothly? Moving homes is quite strenuous and can be nerve-wracking if it is not planned well.

But if you follow this expert checklist from professional removalists in Sydney, you can complete all your moving tasks within the set deadline and can properly relocate to your new home in a stress-free manner:

1. Create An Inventory

The best way to start planning for a house move is to create an inventory of all your items. You should grab a pen and paper and list all your items going room by room. This will help you keep track of everything, and you can double-check if all the items are there in your new home with this list.

2. Sort Everything

Now that you have your list ready, you can start organising your belongings. Go through all your items and arrange them into three piles:

  • Throw:

    You must throw away any items you haven’t used in over a year that can’t be sold or donated.

  • Sell:

    You should host a garage sale and sell all the items you will not use in your new home.

  • Donate:

    If there are any items that cannot be sold but are still in good condition, you should donate them to your local charity.

3. Gather Packing Supplies

Now that you have the items you will take to your new home, you should gather all your packing supplies. Arrange the following items: packing paper, tape, newspapers, bubble wrap, towels, linens, cardboard boxes, scissors, labels and stickers.

4. Start Packing Seasonal Items

It would be best if you now started packing all your items so that you can get a good head start. Start by packing all seasonal and non-essential items so you have fewer things to pack close to moving day. You can set a timer and schedule how much to pack each day.

Try to pack as many items as possible daily to complete your other tasks. If you feel like packing is taking up too much of your time, you can hire professional removal experts in Sydney to pack all your belongings so you can handle other tasks.

5. Keep Items In Storage

If you feel like you have too many items to pack, you can keep some of them in storage temporarily. Rent a storage unit and keep all your extra items in it until you can unload and move them to your new home.

6. Pack All Fragile Items Carefully

Expert removalists in Sydney recommend that you take extra precautions while packing your fragile items. You should double wrap and bubble wrap all your fragile items and put some towels and linens between the empty spaces in the boxes. You should also label the boxes as fragile so that your movers know which boxes to handle with care.

7. Hire Expert Removalists

You should contact your local removalists Sydney to help pack and move all your items. Book these experts in advance to get the date and time and get some good discounts and deals. You should ask them for an in-person estimate and sign a written binding contract, so there are additional costs later.

8. Pack A Bag Of Essentials

You should also ensure that you keep a bag of essentials ready for your moving day. This bag will help you survive the first few days in your new home without having to open up all your packed boxes. This bag of essentials should include:

  • Toiletries
  • Medicines
  • Change of clothing
  • Food
  • Water
  • Chargers
  • Important documents
  • Keys

9. Transfer Utilities

You must now concentrate on your other moving tasks like changing your address and transferring your utilities. You should make a list of all your utility companies and transfer or switch them to have everything ready in your new home.

You must also remember to pay all your bills on time before you leave your old home. Your expert removalists in Sydney will load all the packed boxes onto the moving vehicle, giving you enough time to complete all your other tasks.

10. Label All Your Boxes

Lastly, you must make sure you label all your boxes so that your movers can unload each box in the correct room. This will make the relocation process much smoother so that you don’t have to sort through all the boxes to see which one to unpack in which room.

You can also colour code each box with the different rooms so that the movers can unload them in the specific room. Remember always to keep the necessities close to the end of the moving vehicle so that your movers can unload them first in your new home.

This is a clever moving hack to ensure that all your items are packed and moved in a stress-free manner.


If you follow the above checklist, you will be able to move homes in a smooth and stress-free manner.