Moving Day? You Need to Avoid These 5 Common Mistakes

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Moving Day? You Need to Avoid These 5 Common Mistakes

Jul 15, 2019 A few silly mistakes during the moving process can turn a successful relocation into a stressful problem. Since there are so many things that need to be done in limited time, it is not unusual to make errors. Unfortunately, these slip-ups can make a big impact on your move. Hiring professional removalists in Sydney is the best option for moving in a hassle-free manner. However, if you are taking matters in your own hands, then there are a few things that need to be sorted to avoid blunders. Starting preparation at the eleventh hour is the root cause of all the mistakes. Therefore the earlier you start, the fewer mix-ups will take place as you will have sufficient time to make a strategy, analyse it and execute it. Here is a list of common mistakes that people should avoid on the moving day. Let’s have a look.

Mistake #1 Allowing Kids And Pets To Play Inside The House

The moving day is a challenging time as you are occupied with countless tasks. The last thing you want is taking care of your kids and pets along with other vital responsibilities. Imagine you are in hurry and trying to pack your stuff while the kids are weaving in and out of your legs, and your dog runs towards the street every time you open the door. This will not only slow down the packing and loading process but also increase the chances of injury. Ask any of your close friends, family members or neighbours to take care of your kids for the day so that you can organise your move properly. You should also send your pet to a nearby dog day-care centre.

Mistake #2 Forget To Disassemble And Pack Yard Items

While the professional Sydney removalists will disassemble your basic household items such as furniture, appliances and beds, they usually do not disassemble any items that are outside of the house. So if you have any such things like trampolines, jungle gyms or shed that you want at your new place, disassemble and pack them before the professionals arrive. Otherwise, they may not get loaded into the truck on the moving day, and you will be forced to leave the stuff behind. So, either do it yourself or ask any of your friends or family members to do it. You can also have a word with the removals company in advance.

Mistake #3 Try To Move Hazardous Materials Along With Belongings

There are a few items that you cannot move along with other belongings. You need to find a way to ship them separately or dispose them to avoid any accidents or damages. Let’s have a look: • Combustible liquids like alcohol, anti-freeze and fluid cleaner. • Corrosive liquids such as dyes, paints and anti-rust compounds. • Also consider explosives like signal flares, fireworks or spear guns. • Flammables like glues, charcoal briquettes, ammonia, cleaning fluids, propane, gasoline, insecticides and turpentine • Compressed gases such as fire extinguishers and scuba tanks. • Include spray paint, hair spray, Lysol spray and some bug sprays in the list. Apart from the above-mentioned items, there are several other things that can be dangerous. If you have any doubts regarding what to pack and what not to, discuss with your removals company. You will have to either dispose of these items or make some arrangements to move them before your big day.

Mistake #4 Leaving Important Items To Be Packed For The Last Minute

Professional removalists in Sydney have expertise in flawlessly packing all your household items. But there are some items like your documents and essentials bag that you need to manage yourself. For instance, the professionals have packed and loaded all your belongings properly in the truck and are ready to go, but at that time you realise that you don’t know the exact location of the bag that has passports or other relevant documents. So, it is essential that you start your packing in advance and pay attention to these types of documents and keep them with you. Consider items like: • Birth certificates, passports, wedding certificates, prescriptions and other vital legal paperwork. • Valuables such as cash, expensive jewellery, stocks, and coin collections. • Also give importance to the wedding album, physical photos that can’t be re-printed and family heirlooms.

Mistake #5: Scheduling Cleaners On Moving Day

It may sound like a great idea to book bond cleaners in Sydney on the day you are moving so that you have a clean house while packing and loading. But this strategy will backfire because both the tasks will get obstructed by each other, and this will only delay the moving process. You should not appoint a cleaner on the final day because of the following reasons. The removalists won’t be able to pack your belongings in an organised manner. To keep things in order and balance the weight of the shipment, they may take a few things from your bedroom, a few from the living room and so on. So, they cannot empty any specific room for the cleaners. Both will find themselves in each other’s way. We all know that the removalists require a clear path to move the belongings out of your house. Now, if the cleaner is cleaning the carpets in the front hallway, it will be challenging for the removalist to carry the corrugated boxes out of your house. If they use a side exit, moving larger appliances and other objects will be a time-consuming and daunting task. This will only delay the process. So, do not bring the cleaners in until the moving process is completed. Otherwise, you’ll only create additional challenges and chaos.


Relocating from one place to another takes effort, time, and money. And when you need to take care of so many things at the same time, the moving process can become stressful, and mistakes can happen. Thus, you should know what mistakes people usually make during this process and how to tackle them. The errors and their solutions mentioned above will help you in your next move.