Moving Etiquette: 7 Do’s And Don’ts Movers Want You To Know

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Moving Etiquette: 7 Do’s And Don’ts Movers Want You To Know

Oct 04, 2022 According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, from 2011 to 2012, the population of Greater Sydney increased by 650,800 people. The rest of the state saw a population increase of 224,500 in the same time period. People from all over Australia are moving to Sydney because it is an iconic multi-cultural city. There are many attractions in this city, from the beautiful Sydney Opera House to the mega Sydney Tower and the sturdy Sydney Harbour Bridge. Due to its multi-cultural diversity, people of different ethnic groups and religions can stay here in harmony. If you are also planning a move to this city, it is a good idea to hire a local removalist service in Sydney to help you. This is because a moving service will cost you less overall than handling everything on your own. But you must also know the proper moving etiquette so that your moving service professionals can carry out the relocation quickly and efficiently. Here are some of the dos and don’ts you should follow when moving to Sydney:


1. Finish Your Packing

Imagine your movers have arrived at your home, and you still haven’t packed everything. This will delay the whole move, and you might forget things behind in a hurry. This will also cost you more if you pay your professional removalists Sydney hourly. Therefore it is always advisable to finish all your packing at least a day or two before your moving day. If you have everything packed and ready, the moving service will also be able to load it onto the truck and start the process quickly.

2. Label All Your Boxes

While packing your boxes, you must also label them according to the rooms they will be placed in. This will make it easier for the movers to place the boxes in the right room without wasting time. You can also assign a colour to each box and then place that same colour sheet on the respective rooms. This will make the unloading process more manageable and help you unpack efficiently after moving, as everything will already be in the right room. Bonus tip: If you are packing fragile items, label them Fragile in bold letters on all sides using a coloured permanent marker. You can also write “This side up” so that the movers know the way to pick it up.

3. Pack As Much As You Need

Did you know that around 74% of Australians felt they packed more belongings than they needed when moving homes? That is why it is always better first to create an inventory of all your items and sort them into piles. You should only pack the things you need and sell, donate or throw the rest. This will not only make packing your boxes easier but also reduce your relocation cost as there will be fewer boxes to move.

4. Clear The Pathways

When your professional movers are loading and unloading your items, you must:
  • Make sure that your pathways are clear of any debris and leaves.
  • To prevent accidents, you have salted the driveways if you are moving in the winter.
  • You have assigned a parking spot close to your old and new home to make moving items more accessible.
This will make it easier for your quality removalists in Sydney to move all your items hassle-free.


1. Don’t Forget To Tip Your Movers

It is considered proper etiquette to offer your movers at least a 5% tip for loading and to unload all your heavy items from one home to another. You can even increase the tip amount if your movers have performed additional services like disassembling furniture, packing, and unpacking your items in your new home.

2. Don’t Pack Your Personal Items In Other Boxes

On average, Australians are most likely to lose their phones, keys, glasses and cash while moving house in New South Wales. Therefore it is advisable to pack personal items like keys, phones, chargers, medicines, cash, cards, wallets, and essential documents in a separate box. You should keep this box in your personal vehicle and create an inventory for all items. Check off each item when you unpack it in your new home to know everything is in the box. Bonus tip: You can also pack an extra pair of clothing and some utensils in this personal box so that you don’t have to unpack the boxes as you move in.

3. Don’t Disturb Your Neighbours

The last thing you want to do when moving to a new Sydney home is to make enemies. Therefore, you must inform your old and new neighbours that you are moving homes. You should tell them:
  • The date you are moving and timing.
  • Which parking spots your moving vehicle will take.
  • How many professional removalists in Sydney should they expect to move things up and down near their driveways.
This will help them be prepared for this commotion, and they might offer to help you with a lending hand as well.


Your professional removalists in Sydney will make your move to this city hassle-free and relaxed, but you must also follow specific protocols to help them out. If you follow the above dos and don’ts while moving homes with professional movers, the process will go off quickly and without any stress.