Moving Oversized Items: Quick Tips

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Moving Oversized Items: Quick Tips

May 20, 2021

Moving oversized items is one of the most challenging tasks during the relocation. If you are not a professional, it will be difficult to figure out the right way to move and load heavy boxes, appliances, and furniture. Inappropriate methods to move or lift the oversized things can damage the item as well as the property.

On top of that, it also increases the chance of getting neck, shoulder and back injury. Sometimes, an injury can be so severe that it can force you to postpone the relocation and stay for a lifetime. Therefore, it is essential to know how you should move your bulky things safely.

Many people prefer to hire professional removalists in Sydney, and it is perhaps the best way to get the job done perfectly. The experts use their experience, knowledge and the right tools to move such belongings perfectly and safely. However, if you are moving on a tight budget and want to move on your own, you need to follow some smart tactics.

Here are some excellent tips for moving oversized items.

Disassemble Furniture

If you want to move your bulky furniture, first, you should remove the detachable parts. So, do not move a wardrobe or table with drawers and contents inside it. Instead, empty the drawers, shelves, etc. and then remove them. If you are not able to remove them, use tape to secure them inside the furniture.

This is how you will make sure they do not open while you move or carry them. It is also advisable to remove the legs of the furniture, protruding handles, knobs and pulls. When it comes to moving large and heavy items, this method is more helpful than your expectation.

Take Measurement Properly

Before you move your couch, wardrobe, dining table, etc., it is important that you take its measurement. It will help you to take it out of the room and house. Measure the length, breadth and height of the furniture, so you can make sure that it would not get stuck on the doorway. If you hire professional removalists in Sydney to move your items, you will see that they also take measurements of all the things that are large and bulky.

Use the Right Technique

People often get injured when they lift or pull an oversized item inappropriately. The following techniques can be very helpful when you are moving bulky things.

Push Instead of Pull

Pulling a heavy object always put more strain on your backbone. Therefore, when you are moving a bulky furniture, appliance or box, push the item. To avoid scratches on the item and floor, place an old rug or cardboard under that item.

Properly Lift the Item

When you are lifting anything heavy, always keep your back straight and put pressure on your leg instead of your back. Also, before you lift an oversized item, do a little bit of stretching to warm up.

Invest In Modern Equipment

To load your bulky items into the truck and unload them in a hassle-free manner, you need to use modern equipment. You need to purchase or rent equipment like utility dolly, shoulder dolly, furniture dolly, ratchet straps, furniture sliders, forearm forklift, etc.

You can visit any nearby hardware store to get such items. If you want to avoid the moving stress and hassles, you can hire the best removalists in Sydney. They will bring along all such equipment. It will not only protect your oversized belongings and property but also prevent any injuries.

Ask Friends and Family

If you want to load oversized items like a refrigerator, bed, wardrobe, etc., on your own, it can be difficult. You need the help of your close friends and family. So, if you plan for a DIY move, it is essential that you ask for their help. Contact them at least a month before your move your house to make sure that they do not have other commitments on the same day. Your friends and family can also help you in packing, taking care of your kids and even pets.

Hire Professionals

The easiest way to move your oversized items is by hiring a reputed moving company in Sydney. They have expertise in packing, loading and transporting all kinds of things without causing any damage to them. The professionals are highly experienced and trained, so they are aware of the obstructions a person can come across while moving such items. They use all the modern equipment and know the latest techniques that make their task a lot easier.

The Bottom Line

If you want to move your oversized things safely and without getting any severe injury, you must follow the tips mentioned above. However, if you have a lot of heavy items to relocate, it is advisable to hire a reliable removals company in Sydney. Let the professionals do all the hard work while you can focus on other aspects of moving.