Moving to Sydney: A Complete Guide

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Complete Guide to move Sydney

Moving to Sydney: A Complete Guide

Nov 22, 2019 Shifting to a well-developed metropolitan city is a dream of every person. The endless employment opportunities, high-end infrastructure amenities, diverse culture, and vibrant nightlife are encouraging young and potential people to start a new life in a city like Sydney. However, adopting a fast-paced urban lifestyle is not an easy thing. You have to start from scratch and make the right decisions after moving to Sydney. You may even find yourself overwhelmed with unfamiliar environments. To combat all the challenges and live a quality life, you need to do thorough research about the city. After that, create a custom moving checklist and hire the most trusted interstate removalists in Sydney. Highly-trained and credible removals team can assist you throughout your long-distance move with a 100 % service guarantee. They will take care of your household belongings until delivering them to your new city. If you are moving to Australia’s most desirable city, then read this complete guide. Know the reasons to move to Sydney and everything about Sydney and lead to a quality life.

1. Growth & Population

Moving from one city to another brings a lot of joy and excitement. However, you should always do thorough research to know where you should live. It is a big decision, so you can read tons of resources such as tourism boards, local blogs and websites where you can find reliable information about your potential city. If your dream is to live in Australia’s most desirable cities, then Sydney can be an ideal city for you. This metropolitan city is best known for its eclectic lifestyle and thriving economic opportunities, luxury apartments, high-end local amenities, booming commercial market and much more. According to some stats, the estimated population in Sydney’s local area was 240,229 people in 2018, which is predicted to grow to more than 320,000 by 2031. The best part about Sydney is that it generates one-fifth of the country’s GDP. This means the chances of getting desirable jobs and profitable business opportunities in the hotspots of this beautiful city has increased in the past few years. However, adopting this big change can be a little challenging for the person who is coming with his family. But with a little planning and research, you can make it through without any stress.

2. Find an Affordable Housing Option

No matter where you are relocating, long-distance moves are always difficult. Leaving a home behind and starting a new life is difficult if you don’t know much about the housing options available in your potential city. So, after planning your move, you can search for affordable housing options in a big city. In Sydney, the property market is in its booming phase. People across the country are heading towards this well-developed city to invest in its growing property market. The demand for residential property is constantly increasing in the world’s most desirable cities, and that’s why you need to do your part of a research and find the most suitable housing option within your estimated budget. In 2019, the median price of a house is $1,027,962, which has declined by 3 per cent over the last few months. This can be quite high, especially for those who are shifting from a small town. Fortunately, the state government has introduced affordable housing contribution programs for the people who want to live a quality life in the hotspots of Sydney. The long-term development strategy of Sydney aims at providing affordable housing to those who are living in low to moderate-income household. Below are the affordable housing contribution programs that may apply depending on the areas of the proposed development: • City West Affordable Housing • Green Square Affordable Housing • Employment Lands Affordable Housing If you want to relocate your house and want to enjoy high quality of life in Sydney, then do search for affordable housing contribution programs before your final move.

3. Look for Basic Necessities

It is important to consider all the basic necessities before relocating to this beautiful city. There is always something vital that can lead to a better life.  You should look for the cost of local amenities including, hospitals, schools, commercial market, shopping prescient, restaurants, universities, bus stops, public transportation, community centres arts and culture etc. You can research the best hospitals, schools and universities before moving to Sydney: Top 5 Hospitals in Sydney • Wolper Jewish Hospital • Balmain Hospital • Vincent’s Public Hospital • Sydney Children’s Hospital Randwick • Bloomfield Hospital Here is the list of Best Schools and Universities in Sydney, New South Wales • James Ruse Agricultural High School • Sydney Grammar School • Cheltenham Girls High School • Macquarie University • The University of Sydney • The Australian Catholic University • The University of Technology, Sydney The city provides a range of world-class education options. From primary schools to high schools, Catholic University to Technology and Innovation institutes, you can find everything in this big city.

4. Search for Work Finding the desired job in the new city is quite difficult if you are moving without any prior planning. It is good to start looking for work before your final moving day. You can look at local online job boards and other reliable resources such as LinkedIn. Discover more about the city’s job market so that you can grab the best opportunity that can fulfil your dreams. If you are planning to move to Sydney for work, then this could be your life-changing decision. People from all over the globe come to Sydney to pursue higher education and get a better salary. The booming economy of Australia is still attractive as it provides a ton of thriving opportunities to skilled professionals and potential young adults. Some of the promising sectors in Sydney for you can be agriculture, education, healthcare, information technology, finance, construction and manufacturing. Mining, electrical, automation and robotics, machine engineering and data sectors can also be considered if you are looking for thriving career prospects in Sydney. These sectors have recorded significant growth over the last few years, and are expected to boom further in the coming years. Tip:  Moving to a metropolitan city like Sydney is very expensive and having a job in hand before the relocation can help you reduce financial burden. So do some great research and look for the best job opportunity ahead your final moving day.

5. Know Everything About Public Transport

There is no denying the fact that public transportation is the backbone of any country. No matter where you are moving, it is important that the city has a wide, reliable and affordable network of public transport. Buses and local trains provide a basic mobility service to both the local residents and tourists. So, this is an important factor. Since moving from one city to a new place is not an easy thing, make sure you discover everything about the different routes of public transport, its availability and affordability so that you can easily access to your work or other places with ease. The public transport system in Sydney offers a comprehensive network of buses, train and ferry services. Airport links, taxi services, and sightseeing buses take the transportation sector to the next level. Well, the centre of attraction is Sydney’s huge metropolitan train network which not only connects the wider region with the city but also travels to nearby cities such as Newcastle, Wollongong and the Blue Mountains. So, if you are planning to relocate in Sydney or any other big city, do consider all the public transportation facilities.

6. Cost of Living

Of course, life in the city is exciting and fast-paced, but gelling-up with this lifestyle is not easy for everyone. Before making the final decision, you need to know the main objective of your relocation. Do you want to boost your professional as well as personal goals after relocation?  Are you okay to be financially weak in the starting? If the answer is yes, then think about the cost of living. There are many factors that need to be taken care of before moving to Sydney because it is one of the expensive cities in Australia city, and knowing the cost of living is one of the crucial aspects. For Instance, if this long-distance move is for exploring endless career opportunities, then you should make it through because cities offer better employment options as compared to small towns and suburbs. In 2018, the basic costs of living for one month were $1792. This comprises the costs of food, clothing, household items and personal care. So, whatever you decision is, consider all the key aspects and changing factors that can affect your cost of living.


After your thorough research, it is the best to organise your life’s biggest move. You can hire the best interstate removalists in Sydney who can assist you in packing and shifting your household belongings. Make sure you get rid of those items that you don’t need in your city apartment. This will reduce the overall weight as well as the budget of your move.