Moving with Kids? Tips To Have A Stress-free Move

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Moving with Kids? Tips To Have A Stress-free Move

Sep 07, 2021 Home relocation is always a chaotic and daunting process. Moving with children just adds to the stress. As responsible parents, it becomes imperative to support your kids while preparing for the move. Of course, it is an overwhelming situation for you as well as your kids, but you have to deal with it for a smooth experience. If there is a huge disruption in your kid’s routine, then have a better plan to ensure a stress-free move. You can also prefer hiring seasoned Sydney Removalists instead of doing it yourself to streamline the entire process, especially if your kids are involved in it. We have also compiled the following tips that will make things easy for you as a parent:

1. Prepare Your Children

The first thing you need to do is to tell your kids about the home relocation. Timing is the crucial aspect while breaking the news of a house move.  Since they are emotionally involved with the house, neighborhood and their rooms, make sure you tell everything related to this big change. Kids need time to process this idea of moving, and you should inform them after making the decision of home relocation.

2. Answer their Questions

Leaving the school, all friends, neighbourhood and a room behind hit hard on kids. So, you have to support them mentally and clear all their doubts related to the move. It is good to include your kid’s opinions while taking this crucial decision to make them feel special. Tell them why you are moving, when you are planning for home relocation, etc to improve their understanding related to this decision. You can also ask open-ended questions to facilitate further conversation and understand their mindset.

3. Give Them Control

Kids often feel emotionally drained when they move from a familiar place to an unfamiliar neighbourhood. This can increase your stress level, and you may not be able to prepare your belongings properly due to the lack of concentration. In such a situation, you can give them control over small things. Let them pack up their room, or labelling the boxes, etc. Allow them to decide which toys come in the truck so that you can pack them using quality supplies.

4. Stay Close to Your Regular Routines

There is no denying the fact that you will face a lot of disruptions to your daily schedule while preparing for a move. Of course, you need time for de-cluttering, packing, cleaning, and taking care of your kids. Apart from arranging the best removals company in Sydney, you also have to find the right school for your kids in the new location. So, prepare accordingly and achieve the best possible outcomes. Despite all the chaos, it is good to maintain at least some of your important old routines, especially with your kids.  If your family eats dinner together, then don’t skip this because these small moments can help you alleviate stress. For younger kids, try to keep the same mealtime as well as bedtime routine to stick with the regularity in your home.

5. Streamline the Process

Moving day can be overwhelming and you could end up making silly mistakes if you are moving with kids. That’s why it is good to stay organised from the start for a hassle-free experience. Give yourself 8-9 weeks to plan the move, and hire trained movers ahead of time. Also, make a proper checklist to get organised and create a budget for better results. Make sure you follow the expert packing tips for a long-distance move, especially when children are involved in the process.

6. Say Goodbye

In order to help your kids cope with the emotions of this drastic change, it is important to have a proper goodbye plan to their friends and old surroundings. It is good to capture the memories of your home, friends, neighbour and family. You can organise a farewell party and invite the friends of your children. Include fun-loving games, and serving their favourite dishes can be a great way to boost their mood. Make sure you do this at least one week prior to your move.

7. Ask for Assistance

If you are feeling stressed out by your kids during your move, you can ask for help anything. You can ask your friends or family to take care of your small kids on the final moving day. If you have a toddler, you can arrange baby sitter so that you can complete all the moving tasks on time. Try to stay relaxed and positive when you are moving with kids. Planning and preparation can make things easy, even if you are doing this for the first time.


These are some of the great tips that will help you move stress-free with your kids. Make sure you hire the most trusted removalists in Sydney for a safe and sound experience. They will reduce the burden while moving house and let you pay more attention to your family and kids.