How to Pack a Messy House to Move?

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How to Pack a Messy House to Move?

Sep 23, 2020 Finally, you are moving to your new house in Sydney with your family. It is one of the most exciting and stressful experiences, especially for those who are moving for the first time. Whether you are relocating next to the apartment or across the new city, make sure you pack your messy house like a pro. There is no doubt that packing household belongings is a back-breaking chore, but the stress and efforts double when you have messy rooms. It is better to de-clutter and toss unwanted items before beginning the packing process. You can create a proper packing plan ahead of your moving day so that you can manage things without any chaos. If you don’t have time or skills, hire a removals company for the best packing services in Sydney. They will take care of your belongings and pack them without causing any damage. If you are running short on budget and want to pack your messy home on your own, have a look at DIY packing tips shared below:

1. Start As Soon As Possible

Always remember that packing a messy living space to move will take a lot of time and energy. So, it is good to start the process at least 8 weeks ahead of your moving day. There is no use of taking everything to the new house. First, you need to clear the clutter and get rid of all the unnecessary items that you don’t need to pack. You can prepare a complete moving checklist and plan things accordingly to achieve tasks in a systematic manner.

2. Create An Inventory of Your Entire House

If you want to pack a messy home quickly without any chaos, then create a complete inventory of all the household belongings. This will help you discover things that you have forgotten because you haven’t used them for long. Check all your rooms, jot down the stuff that you don’t want to move so that you can pack all the necessary items. This list will help you streamline everything throughout the packing process. It will also help you arrange all the packing materials, such as cardboard boxes, bubble wraps, packing paper, etc. Here is the list of items you can leave: • Broken belongings, such as electronic items, devices, toys, etc. • Worn Out Items, including shoes, clothes, furniture, etc. • Expired items • Duplicate stuff, etc.

3. Categorise Belonging into 4 Piles

This is one of the best ways to pack a messy home, especially if you are doing it for the first time. After de-cluttering your home, sort out your items into 4 different categories: Keep: It doesn’t matter how messy your home is, there are some belongings that you have to move to your new house. So, keep all those belongings in this category. Sell: Make a list of all the items you do not want to move. If they are in good condition, then you can organise a garage sale and earn extra dollars. Donate: You can also donate some belongings to the local charity in Sydney. This includes old clothes, shoes, furniture, etc. Toss: Throw all the broken, expired and unwanted items. This will reduce the load and help you move in a low budget. Make sure you hire the best removalists in Sydney for the safe and sound transition of your household belongings.

4. Pack Up Room by Room

Try to concentrate on one room at a time while packing up your stuff. Instead of packing everything up, focus on a single room so that you can carry everything that you need to move to your new house. Make sure you have all the necessary packing supplies for the protection of your delicate and expensive possessions.

5. Pack An Essential Bag

Do not forget to pack your essential kit separately so that you can survive on the moving day easily. Make sure your essential kit has everything, including toothbrush, toilet paper, toilet soap or liquid soap, tissue papers, snacks, water bottle, toys for your kids, bedsheets, and things you need throughout the process. You can pack your essential kit a day before your move.

6. Label your packed Boxes

While packing your household stuff, make sure you label them after securing packed boxes with tape. You can write relevant names, such as ‘fragile items’, ‘living room’, ‘kitchen appliances’ on the boxes so that you can easily unpack them without wasting your time. You can also use coloured labels for each room. This trick works wonders especially for your hired removalists in Sydney because they can lift and transit with extreme care. If you don’t have coloured labels, use coloured markers to know what’s inside each box.

7. Stay Calm and Relaxed

It is important to keep your mind cool and composed while packing your messy home. Try to stay stress-free and pack according to the strategy. This is one of the best ways to pack and move to the new place without any hassle. If you don’t have enough time, you can hire professionals for high-quality packing services in Sydney. They will help you in packing all types of belongings, such as heavy furniture, delicate items, kitchen appliances, etc using best materials.


These are some super-easy tips that will help pack a messy house to move. Make sure you have a complete checklist, inventory, and a lot of time to finish the packing process before the final move. Make sure you hire the best removalists in Sydney who can assist you in transiting your belongings without causing any damage.