Places You Need to Notify of Your Change of Address When Moving

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How to Change Address When Moving

Places You Need to Notify of Your Change of Address When Moving

May 18, 2020 Moving isn’t just about packing your belongings and moving to a new home – there are many other tasks to complete during this process. Out of these tasks, changing your address and notifying concerned parties is crucial. In your moving checklist updating your residential address should be a priority. If this task is not completed on time bills can be missed, letters arrive at the wrong destination, certain services cannot be availed and much more. But, what are the places you need to notify of your change of address when moving? For reference, here is a list prepared by expert removalists in Sydney from reputed companies.

Government Agencies

When moving to a new home, prioritise informing government authorities and get your address changed at least one week before moving day. Here are a few agencies to notify. • Electoral Department • Department of Human Services • Taxation Office • Car Registration and Driving Licence departments Personalise this list by adding the names of agencies that you think should be informed. Although there are provisions to update information online but to complete certain formalities you will have to visit the concerned office. Therefore, seek the assistance of relatives, friends and professional removalists in Sydney to find time for these visits.

Loan and Insurance Providers

Whether you have taken a loan or have insurance for your home, car, education, or personal requirements, notifying the companies that have lent you money or provides cover is crucial for smooth payment of EMIs and premiums. Once you have signed the documents for your new home and have the keys, start the process of changing or updating your address at these places because it can be an offence not to notify.

Banks & Credit Card Companies

For people who are moving interstate or from another city notifying the banks with saving accounts and credit card companies is necessary. Updating or changing your address at these places is required to receive post and have your home branch near your residence. You can make the change online by accessing your profile on the bank’s website or app. In some cases, you will have the find the time to submit an application which can be difficult. Having experienced removalists in Sydney, friends, and relatives help take care of some tasks will help.

The Australia Post Office

Informing Australia Post about your move is wise to receive your official letters, notifications, and other mail. Due to the movement, there can be a change in postal codes, making it essential to update or change the address. Once the post office is notified, they can take necessary measures to send the mails to the right location.

Utility Providers

Switching utilities is a general requirement when moving to a new home. Naturally, homeowners are required to discontinue the services at the property they are leaving and have them started at the new address. The providers for the below-mentioned utilities need to be informed in time to avoid going with these amenities or having to pay for them after moving out. • Internet and Landline Connections • Cable • Water • Gas and electricity

Subscriptions & Memberships

For people who have a newspaper, magazine, or other products’ daily, weekly or monthly subscriptions changing address with the providers in time is required. To avoid getting subscribed products at the wrong address, make a list of all the providers and see if your location can be updated online. If there is any confusion, then call the customer care service and seek assistance. In addition to subscriptions, if you have a club or any service membership then notifying the providers. You can see if they have a branch where you are moving and shift the membership.

Online Services

Online services should be notified to get items delivered at the right address after moving. Changing or updating your current location details on websites and apps is usually easy, and if there is confusion, you can always contact the customer care department. These service providers may include online retailers, movies/music/series streaming companies, etc. Changing address on service apps and websites is necessary to receive products, mails, and other items at the right location.

Your Office and Healthcare Providers

Other important places that should be made aware of your movement are the office and healthcare provides who will update their database accordingly. Informing your office about the change in address will help them correct the ID cards, official documents, etc. Healthcare providers should be notified to change the billing address and know the right location to reach in case of an emergency.


Moving is a challenging and strenuous activity, as there are numerous tasks to be completed. Some of the tasks involved are booking experienced removalists in Sydney, packing your belongings, decluttering the house, etc. But, among the most significant tasks is to change your address. Through this guide, learn which places you need to notify about the movement. Knowing this information will help streamline a critical task.