Plan Your Moves With Our Moving Checklist

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Plan Your Moves With Our Moving Checklist

Dec 30, 2022

According to official reports, 21,549 people in Sydney moved homes between 2016 and 2021. Moving homes can be exciting when shifting to a beautiful city like Sydney, with its tourist attractions, sunny beaches and pristine landscapes. But it can also create stress and tension, especially if this is the first time you are moving homes.

You can always opt for professional help by hiring removalists in Sydney to help pack and move your belongings. However, if you are keen on moving house in New South Wales on your own, then you should follow the step-by-step expert moving checklist that has been arranged according to a timeline:

Two Months Before

Plan Your Move

The essential step when moving homes in Sydney is to plan your move.

  • When you organise your move and create a timeline for all your tasks, you will feel more in control of the move and thus can relax more.
  • You should pick a moving day and time and create a checklist of all your moving tasks with an end date.
  • It is also good to include your costs and plan your moving budget so that you can start saving in advance.

Declutter Your Home

One of the main benefits of moving homes is that you can sort through and purge all the unnecessary and extra stuff you don’t need. You should start by going through each room with a box and placing all the items you are not using or don’t need. You can donate, sell, recycle or throw away these items to lighten your packing and moving load.

Start Your Research

If you are using professional removalists in Sydney to pack and move your belongings, you must book them in advance. This will help you not only fix your moving day and date, but you might also get better deals and discounts when you book in advance. Here are a few things you must keep in mind when picking your removalists:

  • Get quotes from at least two to three moving companies to compare and pick the best option.
  • Make sure the moving companies have insurance and are certified, so you are not scammed.
  • Check the registration and business number online to see if they are legalised.
  • Always ask them to visit your home and give you an estimate in writing.
  • Lastly, you must never sign a blank contract, as your movers can add any amount.

Create A Moving Folder

Once you have booked your removalists in Sydney, you should start a binder of all your important documents like receipts, certificates, moving estimates and house agreements. You can also create a digital backup of these online.

Six Weeks Before

Arrange Supplies

Now, you should start gathering all your supplies to have everything you need when packing. Removalist experts in Sydney suggest that you arrange the following packing supplies when moving:

  • Scissors
  • Packing paper
  • Packing tape
  • Cardboard boxes
  • Labels
  • Stickers
  • Bubble wrap
  • Newspaper

Start Using

You must start emptying your fridge and finish all your perishables, so you do not have to throw anything away.

Measure Your Furniture

You should also start measuring your furniture items so that you can see whether they will fit into your new home or not. This way, you can eliminate items that won’t fit in your new home to reduce your moving load.

One Month Before

Start Packing

After you have purged all your items and gathered all your supplies, you can start packing. You should start packing your non-essential and seasonal items first and go room by room. Make sure you create an inventory of all your items and mention each value so you can claim contents insurance in case your items get lost or damaged.

Label Your Boxes

You must label the boxes as you pack them and write the room’s name on them. You can also write a list of the items on the box or write the total number of items to ensure that all your items reach safely.

Keep Your Valuables Separate

Next, in a box, you must keep all your valuable items separately, like your jewellery, antiques and artifacts. You should keep this box in your vehicle to keep an eye on them.

Change Your Address

You must notify your local authorities about your change of address so that you can redirect all your mail and documents to your new home in Sydney. You should also inform your neighbours and friends about your new address.

2 Weeks Before

Finalise With Your Removalists

You must again speak to your removalists to confirm your date and time and map your route to your new home. You should inform your removalists in Sydney about any problems or obstacles in the route, like a narrow lane, the lift not working or the flat being too high. This will help them prepare in advance by arranging the necessary moving tools for such a move.

Spend Time With Your Loved Ones

This is the best time to start spending precious moments with your loved ones in your old neighbourhood. If you have kids, let them have sleepovers and meet their friends as much as they can before they have to move.

One Week Before

Pack Your Essentials

You must start packing your essential items from each room and label the box. You must ask your expert removalists in Sydney to load this box last onto the moving truck so that you can first unload and unpack this box in your new home.

Keep All The Documents Ready

You should now ensure you have your rental bond slip; rental payment slips and tenancy agreement. You should also keep all your new home documents in a folder to have them when needed.

Moving Day

Take Inventory

While your furniture removalists Sydney load all your boxes onto the moving vehicle, you must take inventory to ensure everything has been packed and moved. Take a quick sweep of the whole house to ensure there is nothing left behind, and look in the attic and basement.

Do A Deep Cleaning

Now that the house is empty, you can arrange for a quick deep home cleaning by bond cleaning experts in Sydney. This will help you make your home look spick and span so that you can get your bond back in full.


The above moving checklist will help you organise and plan your move to Sydney so you can enjoy a stress-free and relaxed move. You should relax for the first few days in your new home and unpack at your own pace to enjoy this new move.