Post-Move Checklist: How To Settle In Your New Home

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Post-Move Checklist: How To Settle In Your New Home

Jun 23, 2021 The feeling of relief, happiness and excitement is unparalleled upon arriving at your new home. Commonly, people want to relax after a stressful move, but the process doesn’t end after your hired removalists in Sydney deliver your belongings and you have entered your new residence. There are several tasks you need to complete for settling in and start living a comfortable life. Therefore like you prepared for moving out of your previous home, you need to prepare for moving into the new one. Without planning and organisation, delays and procrastination happen during house moving which is not suitable and affects your mental well-being. Thus, here is a complete post-move checklist you should follow to help settle in your home. Have a look.

Take Pictures And Videos

Document the condition of your new house/unit via photographs and videos, particularly if you are a tenant. These proofs will come in handy at the end of your tenancy when you need to refer to the original state material before the end of lease cleaning and the final inspection.

Perform A Utility Check

If you had completed the formalities for setting up utility services for gas, water and electricity in your new home before coming, perform a complete check to ensure they are working. Switch-on the cut-off mains to start the supply of utilities and contact the service providers in case of an issue. Also, call your internet company to send people for installing the modem and other equipment for smooth online connectivity.

Dust And Vacuum

Whether you have rented or bought the property, dusting and vacuuming it is essential to settle in contentedly as your mind is put to ease that each area is free of dust, dirt and other contaminants. Although most landlords and property sellers ensure the real estate is neat and tidy when the new tenant/owner takes the keys. Still, doing these activities can help you and other family members bond with the new residence and make it home.

Prioritise Unpacking Essentials

To get comfortable and relax after moving in, you need to focus on unpacking boxes containing the bathroom, bedroom, and kitchen contents. These areas are commonly and regularly used by household members, making it necessary to set them up immediately upon arrival. If your hired removalists in Sydney loaded the boxes of these rooms last on the truck, unloading and unpacking should not take much time. Additionally, correct and colour coded labelling will make it easy to identify the contents of boxes and make finding them less time-consuming. Furthermore, seek the assistance of professionals to avoid any moving day complications and unpack heavy contents without straining yourself physically.

Check The Locks And Security Systems

People who have bought a house/unit should not delay changing the locks and installation of home security systems. This step is crucial for the privacy, security and mental well-being of every household member. Tenants should also check their rental properties’ locks and security setup to ensure they are working credibly and nothing is broken. If there is any issue, contact the landlord/property manager to notify them and fix it.

Complete Changing Your Address

Contact the service providers, subscription providers, authorities and people you have not informed about your residence shift yet. Use the change of address checklist provided on the Australian Government’s website to see which organisations you have or haven’t informed.

Child/Baby Proof The House

ul>Parents of toddlers and small children should immediately proof the corners and sharp edges of fixtures, countertops, tables and other things that can cause injury. After moving into a new home, it is common for parents to forget this activity. Therefore without any delay or procrastination, complete baby proofing within the first few days of moving in the house/unit.

Greet The Neighbours

Say hello to households adjacent to your home and in your street to let your neighbours know about your arrival. It will also help you become a part of the community and settle in faster. Greeting your neighbours is also excellent for easing into the locality and learning important information about healthcare facilities, schools, entertainment activities to do etc.

Responsibly Dispose Of Packing Materials

After unpacking, your new house becomes cluttered with boxes, tape, shredded paper and several other materials used to secure your belongings for transportation. Therefore, you should responsibly dispose of the trash and set aside boxes, wraps and other supplies which can be reused. Before disposing of packing materials, separate recyclable items from non-recyclable ones to throw them in the right trashcans. Store boxes and supplies you can reuse in your home if you move frequently or give them to near or dear ones planning a move.


Understandably, you want to relax after a physically and mentally challenging move. But, the relocation process doesn’t end when you reach your new home, and your hired best removalists in Sydney deliver your belongings. You have to complete a variety of activities as listed above to unpack and settle in. Thus, use this checklist to streamline the tasks and get comfortable in your new residence without stress or hassle.