Practical Guide For Moving With Pets

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Practical Guide For Moving With Pets

Oct 27, 2022

Pet owners have to deal with various difficulties during the relocation. However, the biggest challenge is moving your pet safely and smoothly.

On the one hand, you have to deal with various tasks, while on the other hand, you need to ensure the safety of the pets. Lack of planning can make things more difficult for the pets as well as their owners.

That is why most pet owners like to hire seasoned removalists in Sydney because they can help in numerous ways. The experts can pack and load your valuables, which lets you focus on your pet and make the relocation process easier. Besides hiring professionals, there are many more things that you need to do to ensure your pet stays happy, relaxed and safe throughout the process.

Read on to know more about the practical guide for moving with pets.

Plan Everything Properly

When relocating with your pet, you must plan everything ahead of time. It will allow you to concentrate on every last detail of the process. If you plan to travel a long distance, look for overnight lodging that allows you to keep your pet. If you are booking a flight, you should hire a reputable pet moving company. In either case, extensive planning is required.

Schedule a Meeting with the Veterinarian

Before you relocate, it is advisable to take your pet, a dog in particular, for a general check-up. Ensure that your pet receives flea and tick treatments, as well as other necessary vaccinations.

Also, consult your veterinarian if your pet has motion sickness. It will assist you in keeping them safe and happy during the relocation. Remember to gather your pet’s essential documents. Not meeting the vet is one of the most common moving mistakes to avoid.

Keep Pets Safe on Moving Day

One of the most difficult challenges people face when moving is keeping their pets safe. The presence of pets in the room when professional Sydney removalists are loading your belongings can cause distraction and increase the risk of injury for pets.

As a result, you must keep them safe. Look for a reputable and nearby pet care centre that can take care of them on the day of your relocation.

Pack Your Pet Essentials

Pack everything your dog or cat will need during and after the move. It includes food, water, bowls, medicines, treats, waste pickup, disposal items and a carrier/leash. Without all of these items, you and your pet are likely to encounter numerous difficulties. Place these items in a bag and transport them in your vehicle.

Get a Pet Travel Crate

To safely relocate your dog or cat, it is best to use a pet travel crate. If you intend to transport your pet by air, make sure the crate is approved by the International Air Transport Association. Purchase it a few weeks before moving and begin training your dog or cat to play and sleep inside the crate. It will keep them calm during the relocation.

Drive Carefully and with Planning

Even if you hire a budget removalists Sydney, the professionals will not transport your pet in the truck. As a result, you must transport them in your car and ensure that the journey is comfortable. Keep them in the back seat and secure them with a seatbelt. Provide them with food and water regularly, and take frequent breaks when driving a long distance.

Visit Your New Place

If your new home is only a couple of hours away, you should take your dog there before the move. Take your pet for a walk around your new neighbourhood and house. The more they explore, the more they will become acquainted with the area, which will assist them in settling in smoothly after the move.

Hire a Removals Company

Moving is already a stressful task, and moving with pets can add to the confusion. Hire the best removalists Sydney, NSW, if you want to keep things simple.

They can assist you with packing and loading your belongings, giving you more time for your pet. Hiring the experts is perhaps the best ways to deal with stress when moving to a new house.

Ensure the New Home is Safe

The first thing you should do after completing your move is unpack your pet’s belongings and setting up an area where they can freely eat, drink water, and rest. Also, look around the house to ensure there are no loose electric wires, sharp objects, or hazardous chemicals on the floor.

Update Their Information

Once you have settled down, update your pet’s microchip registration and ID tags with your new address and phone number. This procedure is critical because it will improve your pet’s safety. If your dog escapes, the tags will allow authorities to return your pet to you safely.

The Bottom Line

Relocation itself is highly stressful and involving pets in it with further increase the level of stress. However, you can make the process easier for you by following the guidelines mentioned above. It will minimise the stress level and help you complete the relocation smoothly. To keep your valuables safe, contact certified removalists in Sydney.