Preparing a Refrigerator for a Move

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Preparing a Refrigerator for a Move

Sep 28, 2017

Moving to a new house is always thrilling for anyone. But what bothers the most is shifting of heavy electronic equipment like Refrigerator. No matter how systematically you manage your move, the last minute preparations could leave you in a trouble, especially when you are preparing a fridge for a move.

Whether you have a small sized refrigerator or a large one, it is advisable to hire experienced removal companies in Sydney for the job. They know the right technique and possess proper equipment to handle the task effortlessly. But if you wish to accomplish the task yourself, it is essential to know the right way of preparing it for a move or else you may end up hurting yourself. Here are a few tips to help you out.

1. Clean it Up

If you are planning to move your refrigerator to your new house, then make sure you remove all eatable items, ice, ice trays and beverages from it. This step is important if you don’t want to mess everything during the move.

Also, don’t forget to deforest your freezer to let the ice melt completely. Bear in mind that it may generate more water, so make sure you set up the drain hose on the bottom of it or use the towels to manage the overflow.

Quick Tip: Try to consume all the perishable items to avoid wastage.

2. Unplug it

It is imperative to unplug the refrigerator a day before the actual move. This gives oils and other fluids a plenty of time to stop circulating via the compressor. Also, entwine the power cord to avoid any damage.

Quick Tip: In case, your refrigerator generates ice automatically, make sure you disconnect the water.

3. Wrap all the trays, shelves and drawers

Most of us forget this step, but it can help you heaps when you are shifting your bulky refrigerator from one place to another. This not only makes your fridge lighter but also save your trays and shelves from cracking. You can also wrap some old bed sheets and blankets to save your refrigerator from denting and save money on packing supplies.

Quick Tip: Enclose each shelf either in bubble wrap or towels and keep it in a box.

4. Hire a professional removalist

It is good to hire the best removalist in your city. If you are from Sydney, you can hire the services of Better Removalists Sydney . They will help you in moving all the heavy items and valuable goods to your new home while keeping their safety and security in mind.

5. Close the doors properly

Shut the doors of your fridge properly and wrap them with the rope to make it easy for movers to transport it from one place to another, without any damage. If you have a double door refrigerator, ensure both the handles are tied together tightly.

Quick Tip: Never use sticky tape because it could ruin the design of your fridge.


These tips will not only help you while shifting your fridge to your new home but also ensure its safety in the transit.