Pro Tips To Move A Washer And Dryer

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Pro Tips To Move A Washer And Dryer

Oct 12, 2022

Moving electronics during a house move is challenging and dangerous when you have to handle bulky equipment like the washer and dryer. You can incur severe injuries without using the correct lifting techniques and equipment.

Injuries are among the major healthcare issues in Australia, and over 527,000 injuries require hospitalisation. Therefore, you must prepare to handle and transport heavy household items to avoid fractures, strains, cuts and falls. Take the assistance of professional removalists in Sydney with experience and expertise to move big electronics.

However, if you want to move your washer and dryer without a professional service, look at these pro tips to complete the task smoothly.

Unplug & Clean the Equipment

Contact with objects is the second most common injury cause in Australia, which is why you must be careful while handling the washer and dryer. Turn off the main power button and unplug the equipment before touching the appliance.

Roll the cord and tape it to reduce the risk of tripping over it. Additionally, disconnect the water supply with a wrench and put any screws, pipes, hoses, and connectors in plastic bags.

Next, dampen a microfiber cloth with a mild cleaner and wipe the interior and exterior of the washer and dryer. Remove any dust, dirt and grime, as it will prevent the appliance from smelling nasty when you pack it.

Also, vacuum the lint trap and hose the dryer vent. After cleaning, wipe with a dry microfiber cloth to ensure there is no moisture for mould growth and let the appliance aerate for 10 minutes.

Secure the Appliance

You must pack the washer and dryer securely to prevent irreversible damage. Thus, get packing tape, a moving blanket and plastic wrap. First, keep doors and latches tightly shut with packing tape. Doing this is essential to prevent these parts from opening and getting damaged during handling or transit.

Once the washer and dryer are shut, proceed to wrap them with a moving blanket. Don’t forget to wrap the corners as they are at the most risk of banging against walls, moving truck and doors.

To keep the moving blanket in place, secure it with plastic wrap and packing tape. Professional furniture removalists Sydney also use this packing strategy to minimise the jostling of appliances and handle them safely.

Avoid using plastic wraps and tarps directly to wrap the appliances, especially during the summer season. They can capture humidity and moisture, increasing the risk of mould. Additionally, they can stick to the appliance and damage its surface.

Never Move Bulky Things without Moving Equipment

Professional removalists in Sydney avoid cuts, strains and sprains by using quality moving equipment while handling heavy appliances. Thus, take a page from their book, get sturdy moving equipment to support the appliance, and move it from your home to load the moving truck without any hassle. You will need harnesses, straps and a dolly to lift and move the washer and dryer.

Secure the appliance with the harnesses and strap to pick them up with the help of a family member. Next, place it on the dolly, keeping the handle tiled backwards at least 45° to prevent toppling. Keep the dolly tilted while you push it forward to take the appliance from one room to another.

Never attempt to move bulky things alone, even with moving equipment. If you don’t have anyone to help, hire professional removalists in Sydney, as they will safely and securely move your household items.

Store the Washer & Dryer

Since the appliance requires setting up and connecting to household utilities, it is best to relax and rest after moving first, then take on the hassle of assembling it.

Meanwhile, remove the moving blanket and other packing materials from the appliance and cover it with a tarp. Keep it out of the way and away from direct sunlight. Additionally, don’t store the appliance in the open with a cover; it will gather dust, leaves, debris and moisture.

Consider renting a storage unit if you are moving on short notice and cannot move the appliance immediately. You can keep the washer and dryer, along with other belongings, safe and ready to move when you have the time and energy. You can hire a professional removal service to handle and store your things until you can take them to the new home.

The Bottom Line

A washer and dryer can incur irreversible damage if not handled and moved carefully. Its door, drum and other parts can bump against different things and make the appliance less efficient. Therefore, use the tips above to move your washer and dryer like a pro.

However, take the assistance of professional removalists in Sydney when you don’t have the confidence to safely move the appliance or other household contents.