How To Protect Your Leather Furniture During A Move

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How To Protect Your Leather Furniture During A Move

Jul 02, 2020 Leather furniture is aesthetically pleasing, elegant, and durable additions to any home, making them common in households in Sydney. Having furniture made with leather is excellent for the décor, but when moving to a new home, it is challenging and difficult to shift. Moving leather furniture is a major and stressful activity requiring extensive planning, physical effort, and coordination. It is common for this type of furniture to get damaged, broken, and torn, during the packing, handling, and transportation process. Thus it is crucial to know how to protect your leather furniture during a move and here is your complete guide by professional removalists in Sydney.

Consider Hiring Help

Moving furniture is a difficult task for non-specialists that can result in sprains, fractures, strains, and other physical injuries. In addition, when the furniture is of leather, it requires special care and attention, which is why it is wise to consider hiring furniture removalists in Sydney. They have the equipment, supplies, and resources to manage removals of leather furniture locally, interstate, and internationally. What’s more, removalists can help you save time and energy that should be utilised to complete other moving-related activities and spending time with your family. To look for reliable and experienced removalists in Sydney, ask family members, friends, and acquaintances for references. Also, check the portal of the Australian Furniture Removers Association (AFRA) where reputed removals companies are members and registered.

Clean Before Packing

Ensuring your leather couch, chairs, and other furniture are free of dust, dirt, debris, and moisture is essential before packing. Since wrapping of furniture has to be done a few days before the transportation, unclean items can become breeding grounds for bacteria and fungi, causing decolouration and odour. In addition, you don’t want to add the task of clean the furniture among other activities when it reaches the new home.

Get the Right Packing Supplies

For DIY packing of leather furniture, it is crucial to arrange the right packing supplies to protect it during handling and transit. Assuming that furniture doesn’t require wrapping is folly and tossing it in the moving truck without prepping will increase the chances of damage. The best option is to wrap the items in thick blankets and pads to provide maximum protection and secure with clasps or tape. While packing, make sure to cover all areas and ensure the tape or any adhesive doesn’t stick to the leather or other material of the furniture. If possible, book professional furniture removalists in Sydney to manage the packing because they have moving pads, cushions, and other supplies to ensure furniture is handled and transported without any harm.

Use Proper Techniques and Methods

While moving leather furniture of any size using the right technique to move and shift is essential to avoid sustaining any physical injury or causing damage to the item. According to professional removalists in Sydney, here are some techniques and methods to use while handling leather furniture. • Lift with your legs and not your arms • Keep your back straight to avoid straining it • Always slide heavy furniture instead of lifting it unless necessary • Dismantle furniture to make it easier to pack and move. Don’t forget to label everything and take picture for refrence • Use moving dollies, harnesses, straps, and other equipment designed for relocating furniture • Also, don’t forget to seek the assistance of family members and friends because moving heavy leather furniture is not possible without help

Keep Paths Clear

Make sure to keep all the pathways and entry points clear When shifting leather furniture from a room to any other location. Ensuring there are no elements in these areas will ensure the furniture is shifted smoothly and less time is taken. However, the most important thing taking this measure will ensure is your safety and your belongings. By keeping paths clear of property contents and packed boxes according to professional removalists in Sydney, you avoid tripping, falling, or sustaining any major injury. Furthermore, you can prevent the furniture from tears, damage, and scratches.

Book a Storage Unit

For a long-distance or interstate relocation, you may have to move your belonging and heavy contents like leather furniture to a storage unit. Getting a well-maintained space to keep the furniture while other moving-related tasks are complete is wise as it prevents anyone from having injuries while completing tasks. In addition, it will take off the burden of moving the furniture at a moment’s notice because you will have designated place to store the items and keep them away from harm.

Wrapping Up

For people planning to move and have leather furniture, knowing the tips mentioned in this guide by professional removalists in Sydney will help tremendously and lessen the difficulty of handling heavy items. Not only will they help prevent damage to the furniture but also ensure the safety of household members and yourself during the process.