Relocating House Guide: Smart Tricks to Pack Designer Clothes and Expensive Shoes

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clothes covered by linen bags hanging in a customised packing box

Relocating House Guide: Smart Tricks to Pack Designer Clothes and Expensive Shoes

Aug 18, 2017

Designer clothes and expensive shoes are some of the precious things that you would love to pack at the last moment of your moving day. But wait a minute! This can be stressful for you. Since these items are most delicate, you need to pack them carefully. For that, you need time, planning and essential packing supplies.

Apart from packing, there are also some issues related to unpacking them once they reach the new place. To get the things properly, you should follow a reliable packing and moving process when it comes to your expensive clothes and footwear. Fortunately, there are various trusted Removalists in Sydney that can make the packing process as simple as possible.

Well, there are some smart tricks that will help you pack your clothes and shoes with proper care and assurance.

Basic Packing Guide for your clothes and shoes

1. Put clothes on hangers

Try to put all your expensive clothes on hangers to avoid a mess. You can use wardrobe boxes (specifically designed for clothes) to keep everything in an organised manner.

2. Clean up your closet

Before starting your packing process, make sure you de-clutter your entire closet. To simply the things, you can purge all those items that you don’t want to carry with you to your new house. This is the best time to de-clutter your closet.
Tip: You can donate those clothes that are in good condition. It would be a good way to start off your packing task.

3. Arrange your clothes

Once eliminating unwanted items, you can sort out them to make the packing and unpacking processes easier. You can start by packing seasonal clothes, such as sweaters, jackets if you are moving during summer.

Next, you can manage other clothes based on your requirements. This can work best for you. In fact, you can arrange them based on colour, type, and occasions (casual or work, etc). However, this may take some extra time, but make sure you organise them well as it can save a lot of your time and effort while unpacking them to the new house.

If you are not comfortable with the packing or moving process, you can the best moving company available in Sydney. Just make sure that gives you 100% damage free guarantee while taking your items to the new destination.

4. Use Shoe Boxes

When it comes to packing shoes, make sure you have a high-quality shoe box. Whether your footwear has heel or not, you should keep them properly while packing them into a box. You can place two to three pairs of shoes in a large box. First, put heavier shoes and then add loose ones to ensure the stability of the boxes. Don’t forget to label all the boxes soon after you pack them.

5. Use Tissue Paper

They can be a great lifesaver for your designer and expensive clothes and shoes. Use tissue paper around your shoes before putting them into a box. Even, you can also place them in between your folded clothes – this will protect your clothes from getting wrinkled. Bubble wraps can also be an ideal way to protect the crease and wrinkles of clothes.

6. Utilize Wardrobe Boxes

Use wardrobe boxes to wrap and protect your clothes while moving to a new place. Move all your clothes from the closet to the boxes carefully using the right technique. The best part is that you don’t need to take them off from the hangers- you can put along with them.

7. Use Suitcases

Suitcases can also simply your clothes relocation process. You can put all the necessary clothes in your suitcases- make sure you fold them properly. So, save your money while packing by using your suitcases.

8. Maintain the shape of shoes

This is one of the best tips that can protect the shape of your shoes during the hectic move. You just need to roll up two to three pair of clean socks and stuff them in the toe of your shoes. This will preserve their shape longer.

These are some of the great tips that will give extra shield of security to your designer clothes and expensive footwear. You can genuinely follow these tricks and make your moving process a less stressful.