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Replete with all the amenities of a city, Erskineville 2043 is a closely positioned inner-city suburb of Sydney. Just a few kilometres away from the CBD, it radiates exuberant energy because of its diverse cultural mix. A predominantly residential region, it is home to the famous sporting venue of Erskineville Oval. The population in the suburb stood at 8,014 in 2016 and has been growing consistently because of its proximity to the metropolis. It has got everything that offers convenience and recreation such as parks, cafes, restaurants, pubs, which has made it quite popular among young families. Many working professionals from other states and suburbs move here to enjoy the comforts offered by the region. Better Removalists Sydney is dedicated to making relocation for families a smooth affair with the help of expert professionals. We go above and beyond to make you comfortable throughout the moving process.

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Erskineville 2043 is located on the city fringe and has been evolving with the changing times and lifestyle of the population. The region has undergone urban renewal and has witnessed redevelopment of several industrial spaces. The Ashmore Estate is one such area that has become a residential space after revival. The suburb has an excellent public transport system including the frequent service of trains and buses. It is home to two primary schools, which makes it an ideal settlement place for young families as the parent can work in the CBD. The beauty of the heritage buildings is an added advantage of living in this booming suburb.


The fast-paced life of the city can make people yearn for a breather. Erskineville 2043 offers the relaxation needed by city dwellers. Many creative youngsters have found it as their resting place and can be often seen spending time in its cafes and pubs. Offering a laidback yet vibrant lifestyle, the region has undergone massive change and is home to a mixed population. The urban village offers a galore of options for brunches and socialising. The Erskineville Oval and the Sydney Park are the best places to enjoy the greenery in the vast expanse. It offers cycleways for fitness enthusiasts, and its two train stations keep the locals well-connected.


Erskineville 2043 has a considerable mix of old gothic style structures and apartment buildings. The suburb is known for its small semi-detached townhouses and independent abodes. The suburb is full of tenants as more than 50% are leased to renters. The median property price for a 3-bedroom and 2-bathroom house in Erskineville stands at $1,671,250 and the rent for the same property stands at $865 pw. The unit prices are a bit reasonable keeping the proximity of the CBD in mind. The median property price for 2-bedroom units stands at $952,000 and the rent for a 3-bedroom unit stands at $850 pw in the suburb.

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Locals as well as Sydneysiders love to visit the restaurants and bars in Erskineville 2043. It boasts of being home to the best three pubs in Sydney including the well-known Imperial. The bar was a part of the Australian movie – The Adventures of Priscilla – Queen of the Desert. The other pubs are also located in proximity, which makes the area a hotspot among leisure-seekers. The street extending from the Erskineville Train Station to Newtown is the hub of eateries, cafes and bars that keeps it buzzing with activity throughout the day. The Hive Bar is one of the most visited pubs among the locals.


The region was once inhabited by working-class immigrants, which has given it the cultural diversity that still exists. The flavour of every ethnicity can be felt in its narrow lanes and cobblestoned streets. Creativity blooms in this bohemian region which is known for live performances taking place at the entertainment hotspots. Imperial Hotel is particularly known for its drag queen shows and other attractive and hospitable spaces include the Rose of Australia, the Erko, and the Swanson. Being close to Alexandria and Newtown makes it desirable from the point of view of connectivity and ease of travelling.


The creative population residing in small-sized homes in the suburb are always on the move and keep relocating. Our professional removalists in Sydney are equipped to serve them with perfection. They are insured, verified by the police, trained in packing and loading, skilled in unloading and dismantling and proficient in assembling and arranging. They have been working in the sector for several years and helped hundreds of families to move to the surrounding neighbourhoods or another state. Whether it is a local move or an inter-state removal, we cover everything. Our customised packages make the task effortless and affordable.

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Our professional removalists in Sydney are considered the best talent in the industry as they undergo rigorous training. They attain proficiency in packing and use high-quality moving supplies to complete the task. They follow a customer-centric approach and get things organised and packed in boxes with accurate labelling. They do not mix up your stuff from different rooms in the same box. Also, they have the ability to segregate the items based on their material. For example, the crockery and China are covered in packing paper and placed in insulated boxes with compartments to avoid any breakage. They make sure that the pantry and liquor bottles do not touch each other inside the box as it can lead to cracks and spillage. They close the lids properly and pack them in biodegradable plastic sheets to avoid spoiling other items and the carton. They listen to the directions and commands of the customers to help them get their stuff packed as per their needs.

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We have been transporting belongings of families and businesses across Sydney and its suburbs with a successful track record. Our customers often come back to us for repeat jobs because of the efficiency of our workers and our quick removals in Sydney. The busy city and its bustling suburbs need our swiftness to move your stuff in the desired time.

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