How To Safely Move Your Home Gym Equipment

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Home gym equipment in a room

How To Safely Move Your Home Gym Equipment

Jan 24, 2019

When you move into a new house, you face numerous challenges throughout the relocation procedure. However, one of the biggest problems of the entire routine is managing the gym equipment properly and more importantly, without getting injured.

That is why experts recommend using reliable Sydney removalists as they are experienced and have sufficient knowledge about handling bulky gym equipment safely. In case, you decide to do it on your own, you need to be aware of the safety precautions.

In this post, you will read about the procedures and key techniques required to handle the equipment and get it loaded in the transport vehicle safely. Let’s have a look:

Clean the Equipment

Before you start disassembling and packing your gym equipment, it is important to clean it thoroughly. By cleaning it properly, you will make sure that that you are not taking along any germs and bacteria, which gradually grow on your equipment, to your new place.

Properly clean the surfaces and all handrails of your elliptical, treadmill, weight machines and so on. To clean the gear, you can use wet wipes or homemade solution. Mix a solution of white vinegar and water in a spray bottle for the best results.

Moving smaller fitness items

Whether you have a couple of light hand weights or many heavyweight plates, you need to ensure that the moving boxes you are using to carry them are strong enough and can take the pressure of the plates. Also remember that instead of trying to pack everything in one box, use many small cardboard boxes. In this way, you can quickly distribute the weight of the workout equipment equally.

As a result, this will keep the bottom side strong and prevent the equipment from falling through the boxes. If your boxes are not strong enough to hold the plate weights, then you must purchase plastic bins to manage the load. If you are interviewing a Sydney Removalists, you can ask for the appropriate boxes on a rental basis.

Once you have the boxes, wrap the small equipment in old newspaper or bubble wrap to keep it protected while moving. This will give it cushion and will not allow the weights to hit each other and damage the box. You can also use towels and blankets to be used as a pad between your weight and box.

Moving large equipment

Moving the large gym equipment can be a challenging task, and it should be done appropriately. This is because disassembling, packing and loading them properly will not only save these expensive items from getting damaged but also protect you from any serious injury.

If possible, you should leave this job to the professional Removalists of Sydney as they have advanced tools, experience and technical knowledge to lift and smoothly load large equipment. However, in case you want to do it yourself, it is essential to do it the correct way and safely.

Let’s discuss the transportation of common large gym equipment which people have at home – the exercise bike, the elliptical trainer, and the treadmill.

1. Exercise bike

Exercise bikes are perhaps the most common gym machines we have at our home. Also, they can be moved easily. If the exercise bike is electric, then first you need to unplug it and then use packing tape to attach the power cord to the bike. After that, use the furniture gliders under the bike to protect the floor.

But do not worry if you do not have the gliders! Substitute them with cardboard or towels. Remember that you should not drag the bike directly on the floor as it causes severe damage to the floor and the machine. When it comes to carrying the bike downstairs, make sure you have a helping hand – friend, family or a neighbour in Sydney.

These bikes are not that heavy for a person to lift, but they come with an awkward shape, and that makes the lift very difficult for a single person. By asking for a helping hand, you can also stay away from an injury. And for the same reason, two or more people should load the bike on the moving truck.

2. Elliptical trainer

The elliptical trainer is a common machine people usually have at home and mostly find it difficult to move, especially with so many moving parts and a weird shape. So first, you need to disassemble it. Start by removing the pedals and handlebars from the main body by unscrewing the nuts and bolts.

Make sure that you don’t lose or misplace these nuts and bolts. Put them in a sealed bag, which you should label to recognise it later. After that, wrap all the pieces in moving blankets and then use tape to secure the packing. Then tape the marked bag to the Elliptical trainer so that you can keep everything together.

3. Treadmill

We all know that treadmill is excellent for cardio, but we are also aware of the fact that it’s very heavy and way more challenging to move in comparison to any other workout equipment. But don’t panic as you need to have a little patience. Firstly, ensure the treadmill is unplugged.

This machine can usually be folded. So if it folds, do it and make sure it is locked in the upright position. But what if it doesn’t fold? Do not worry! Refer to the instruction manual and find out the right procedure to disassemble it. Now when the treadmill is disassembled or folded, wrap it in moving blankets and secure the packing with tape.

Again, ask for a helping hand otherwise you can risk an injury. So make sure there are two or more people to lift the machine on a trolley. Then, take it to the moving truck, where you will again need some helping hands. You can also use the same technique for disassembling and packing a rowing machine.


Disassembling and packing of your gym equipment is more challenging than it may appear and involves chances of getting injured (particularly back injury). So, always make sure you have enough people around you. Taking help of professional removalists in Sydney is advisable as they have experience and advanced tools to tackle every situation perfectly.