How To Save When Planning To Move During Peak Moving Season

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How To Save When Planning To Move During Peak Moving Season

Aug 28, 2020

Summer is the most common season for moving due to several reasons. The weather is suitable as there is more sunlight, less rain, and the days are longer. What’s more, this season marks the end of the previous year and the start of a new one meaning many lease contracts get over because it is common for tenants to have yearly or half-yearly lease agreements.

Therefore, it is safe to assume most tenants may have to necessarily move during the peak seasons, and it can be expensive. If you are among those tenants who have to move during the busiest times of the year, here is a complete guide outlining ways to save and make the process less expensive.

Start Saving a Few months Before Moving

As the end of your tenancy draws near, it is necessary to plan for the upcoming expenses and follow the 50/30/20 budgeting rule. According to this rule, you should keep 50 % of your household income for essential expenses like rent, groceries, utilities, tuition fees etc. 30% should be kept for entertainment, leisure, and wants like eating out, watching movies, shopping, and other activities. Lastly, 20% of the income should be saved through a saving account or emergency fund.

As your end of tenancy approaches, reduce spending on wants and leisure to have more money to save which will be spent on hiring professional removalists in Sydney, getting packing supplies, paying the bond for new property etc.

Book Removalists Early

Book experts for preforming removals as soon as the moving date is decided and it may make you eligible for the early bird discount. Since most reputed removalists in Sydney become fully booked during the peak moving season, they provide services at lesser rates when the booking is done in advance.

The less notice you give to the removalists the higher their prices may be, and in worst-case scenarios, your chosen removalists might not be available on the dates you need them if you are not proactive and pre-book.

Try to Move during the Weekdays

During the peak season, more people move on weekends because they don’t have to take leaves from the office and children have holidays from schools. Therefore, removalists charge more to render their services on a weekend which is why; if possible move on a weekday to get services at lesser rates.

In addition to getting services at cheaper prices, moving on the weekday will prove beneficial because there will be less traffic, and loading/unloading can be managed without disturbing neighbours.

Reduce Packing and Moving Load

Decluttering your apartment is essential before the process of packing is started to ensure only necessary things are packed. This activity is crucial and lowers your moving expenses due to the following reasons.

• You only have to pay for one moving truck instead of getting multiple vehicles
• With less packing load, supplies required to secure them are fewer
• Removalist in Sydney charge according to moving load meaning then lesser things you have to transport the less the expense

Recycle Packing Supplies and Be Creative

Packing supplies can cost a lot if you get everything new which is why most people recycle original packing materials of things, corrugated boxes, Styrofoam moulds, bubble wraps, and newspaper, among other things. You can either use packing materials already in your home or get them from friends, family members, or local shops who can give them for free.

In addition to using recycled packing supplies, you can save money by being creative and using things in your home for wrapping belongings. Some of the things that can be used are blankets, pillows, bedsheets, towels, scarfs, etc.

Hold a Garage Sale

After decluttering your home, there will be a host of things that are in good condition and can be resold. You can conduct a garage sale for these items and earn money to fund your money or save for any unforeseen expense. Hold the sale on the weekend during the day and inform neighbours, friends, and family members about.

In addition, post about it on your social media accounts and put up flyers/banners to let anyone who may be interested know. Here are some tips to make your garage sale a success

• Put a price tag on every item before the sale starts
• Be ready to negotiate the price up to 15-20 per cent on large items like appliances, furniture, antiques, matters, etc. But ensure the prices remain fixed for small things.
• Research to know how much an item should be priced. For example, jeans or other general clothing in good conditions should ideally be priced between $1-5 each. However, heavy coats or designer wear should be priced more.
• The general rule of pricing for most items in a garage sale is to value them up to 10% of their actual retail price. If you bought a t-shirt for $10, then its garage sale price would be $1.
• Also, for selling valuable items first hold an online auction to get the best bid and if an item remains unsold then include in your garage sale.

Wrapping Up

Whether you book a removalist early, get recycled packing supplies, or hold a garage sale – by following the different ways mentioned above, you can save a lot of dollars while moving. Taking these measures is necessary for every tenant because relocation is not only physically and emotionally taxing it is financially draining too!