Self-Care Tips to Reduce Stress While Moving

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Self-Care Tips to Reduce Stress While Moving

Jul 07, 2020

Moving is a physically and mentally taxing activity that causes significant stress in the lives of people planning to relocate. Before and while moving, it is common for people to neglect self-care, which is not good for the health of the mind and body.

Therefore, for people planning to relocate, it is essential to consider their well-being while completing moving-related tasks. The self-care activities don’t need to be expensive, exceedingly indulgent, or luxurious. These can be taking a walk, having a long bath at the end of the day etc. Want to know more self-care tips to reduce stress while moving? Here are some of them by professional removalists in Sydney.

Take the Support of Near & Dear Ones

Before and during the move getting the support of near and dear ones is crucial for self-care and the reasons why are mentioned as follows.

  • Talking to family members and friends helps lightens the stress and anxiety associated with moving
  • Decreases the chances of depression by leaning on trustworthy people
  • Get motivated to take a walk, go outside for eating, and other leisure activities.
  • Ask them to help with moving-related tasks, especially the ones that cause tiredness and stress.

Eat Properly

While running errands and completing a variety of tasks for making the move smoothly, it is common to lose track of time and skip meals. Not eating properly can result in weakness, weight loss, and other health problems, thus hampering work and in some cases halting the moving process. The best solution to prevent skipping meals or not eating properly is to plan your diet and meal prep to making cooking less time-consuming.

Even professional removalists in Sydney plan their meals and have snacks/food on the job whenever required. Hence to manage your move like a pro while taking care of yourself, ensure you eat food on time and adequately.

Do Stretches & Light Exercise

Handling, shifting, and moving property contents or running around to get work done can make your body tense. To release happy hormones known as endorphins and loosen your body, in-between tasks or when there is time, stretch your arms, legs, back, neck and other areas that may have become tight.

In addition, if you have the energy perform light exercises like walking, jogging, playing an outdoor game, yoga, etc. You can exercise with family members or friends to feel motivated and relaxed. In case you are exhausted and feel the need to rest rather than stretch or exercise then listen to your body and don’t try to overwork it.

Get at least 7-8 hours of Sleep

Understandably when moving or planning the relocation process, sleep is not a priority for most people. However, functioning without getting proper sleep is not suitable because when sleep-deprived judgment impairment happens, and people tend to make more mistakes than usual.

Therefore, make a checklist and plan all the tasks according to a timetable that allows optimal sleep for everyone involved in the process of moving. In addition, hire professional removalists in Sydney to have more time to plan and execute work related to the moving process.

Stick to Routine

For most people moving means working round the clock to declutter the property, cleaning, packing, and completing formalities etc. However, doing moving-related tasks throughout the day is physically and mentally taxing. Hence, having a routine is essential through which certain hours of a day can be dedicated to taking care of tasks, and the remaining hours are for resting and spending time with family.

When the moving day is decided, start by creating a schedule for every household members ensuring no one is overworked. Try to start completing tasks as early as possible and do not procrastinate because it will cause work to pile up.

Keep First-Aid Kit Handy

Sprains, scratches, scrapes, and other injuries or accidents are common while handling property contents, running errands, or doing any other activity for moving. Thus having a first-aid kit on hand is necessary to treat wounds, cuts, strains etc. immediately.

In your kit besides keeping antiseptic products, cotton, band-aids, and gauges, don’t forget to keep pain relief medicines and ointments (for topical application). Professional removalists in Sydney always have their first aid kits ready for use when the perform removals.

Wear Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

One of the first things to consider for self-care when moving is to wear personal protective equipment (PPE) to prevent injuries and reduce the stress related to safety. They are worn by professional removalists in Sydney as well and help keep prone areas of the bodies protected. Common PPEs that are required when moving are mentioned as follows.

  • Gloves
  • Goggles
  • Masks
  • Coveralls or overalls
  • Aprons
  • Headcovers
  • Face shields

Wrapping Up

Neglecting self-care when moving will do more harm than good which is it is essential to follow this guide by professional removalists in Sydney. The self-care tips outlined in the guide for reducing stress while moving are useful and will help you manage the move a lot better.