Space And Money-Saving Ideas For Your New Home

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Space And Money-Saving Ideas For Your New Home

Jul 08, 2022

Are you excited about shifting to your new home but are worried about the costs involved? Shifting to a new home can be pretty daunting, but if you follow expert space and money-saving tips from expert removalists in Sydney, you can build a beautiful living space.

Here are some of these expert new home essential tips to help you out:

1. Do A Thorough Inspection

You should walk around your house and ensure everything is in order. Check all the facilities and appliances and see if anything needs repairing. It is better to get an overall idea of what maintenance needs to be done to start saving for it and create your budget for your new home accordingly.

2. Go For Used Furniture And Appliances

  • Your cheap removalists Sydney might have quickly helped you move all your belongings and furniture.
  • But if you still need to buy some new appliances and furniture for your new home, you should look at used and old furniture and appliances.
  • Check to see if these are in good working condition and can be used.
  • You can also ask family and friends for old couches and tables and even go to a garage sale and buy furniture there at cheaper rates.

3. Redo Old Furniture

If something is worn out and dirty, you can clean it properly and repaint it to make it look new. You can get furniture polish for your old furniture and cover it with new fabric to make it look new. This will save you the cost of buying new furniture for your home.

4. Try Thrift Stores

Thrift stores in Sydney are great places when you are short on money. You will find plenty of suitable furniture pieces and appliances for your new home here at dirt-cheap prices. Make sure you thoroughly dust and vacuum these items before using them. Also, check for mould and mildew before bringing furniture pieces into your home.

5. Use Empty Spaces As Storage Units

Professional removalists Sydney suggest you use any empty spaces in your new home, like under the staircase, near the kitchen cabinet, or behind the door area, as storage units. You can store any old or extra items here and decorate it nicely with shelves so that it can be a space-saver and look aesthetic.

6. Opt For DIY Projects

You can opt for DIY projects around the home to save time and space when settling into your new home. There are many video demonstrations and step-by-step guides for improving the look and aspect of your home in these DIY projects. You can even try repairing and redoing your old appliances and furniture using these DIY methods instead of wasting money on calling professionals.

7. Study Tax Deductions

You should look up your new home’s tax deductions to save money while paying your taxes. Go online or contact a tax official to help you and see what you can do to reduce your overall taxes.

8. Don’t Try Any Extreme Makeovers

It is better to save money than spend time renovating your new home with extreme makeovers. Make a plan and keep saving for your makeover; when you have saved enough, you can get the renovations you want. It is better to hold off on these makeovers till you save enough for them than have it done early and fall into huge debts.

9. Use The Walls And Shelves

Instead of buying expensive cabinets and storage shelves, you can use the walls and shelves to hang and store your utensils and cutlery. You can place hooks on the wall and hang any items there.

You can also use the shelves in your kitchen cabinet to store all the utensils and dishes you want. You can create wireframes for your walls and mount your plates on them to save space and give the house a unique look.

10. Host A Garage Sale

Removalist experts in Sydney suggest that if you have some extra items or are not using some things, you can always host a garage sale in your new neighbourhood.

This will not only give you some additional cash, but you will also get a chance to meet your new neighbours and bond with them. Remember to advertise it well and reduce the prices of the items to attract larger crowds.

11. Try Energy-Efficient Options

You can save on those hefty electricity bills in your new home by making your home more energy-efficient. Opt for smart plugs and outlets and use energy-efficient appliances to save power and money. You can also control these smart appliances using your phone and can thus switch them on and off when needed and save money.


The above money and space-saving ideas will help you make a living in your new home a memorable and fun experience.