Step By Step Guide To Transfer Utilities To Your New Home

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Step By Step Guide To Transfer Utilities To Your New Home

Jul 29, 2022 Are you moving homes soon and have a massive list of things to do? It would be best if you remembered foremost to transfer all utilities to your new home so that you are not stuck without water, gas and electricity when you relocate to your new place. If you are finding it hard to stay on track of all your moving tasks, you can always hire professional removalists in Sydney to pack and move all your stuff. This will give you more time to concentrate on the rest of your moving tasks, like transferring your utilities to your new home and will help you deal with the stress of moving homes. To help you set up all your utilities in time, you can follow the below steps on how to transfer your utilities:

1. Start As Early As Possible

  • It would help if you started transferring your utilities as soon as possible so that you can get a head start and set up everything in time.
  • Setting up your gas and water utility services at least two to three weeks in advance is a good idea, as this takes time.
  • You can schedule your transfers or new services in time for your moving day or one day before so that everything is already in order and you can avoid any delays.
  • If you book the transfers in advance, the service companies will also have more availability and will be able to complete everything on the date and time you requested.

2. Make A List Of All The Utilities

It would be best if you listed all your utilities so that you don’t miss out on any service. List down all your current utilities into categories like water, gas, electricity, waste disposal, and internet, and write the phone numbers and addresses and also all their costs and charges. This will help you stay on track of all your utilities when moving homes.

3. Change Your Address

Now that you have your list of utilities ready, you must contact them about your new home and change your address. This will help your utility service providers check if they operate in your new area, and they can just transfer their services to your new address. You will have to find new service providers if the address is out of their range.

4. Check Out The Various Options

Pick the best utility services that serve your needs and set them up as soon as possible. Even if your service providers operate in your new area, you can always look at the different service providers in your new location. If they have better deals and rates, you can always stop your old utilities, start new ones, and get better deals and discounts. You should also check with your new utility service providers to see how long the installation process will take and if they can set up everything in time before your moving day.

5. Pay Your Bills

You must ensure you pay all your utility bills on time so you are not stuck with late fees. Remember to list your bills like electricity and gas bill payments, water bills, and internet bills. If for some reason, you have problems paying your bills, you should contact your service providers and inform them of the same as soon as you can.

6. Check Your Meters Before Leaving

You shold check all your meters before leaving and take photos so that you are not charged with unnecessary bills. You can let quality removalists in Sydney handle all your packing and moving while you make a note of all your electricity, gas and water readings to pay the right amount.

7. Check For State Services

You might have to check who your new service providers are depending on where you are moving. Some states provide services like water and gas, so you must make a note beforehand to look up all this information and check all the utilities you need to switch before moving. Some societies include all bills together so that you are paying one utility bill for all services, and it becomes easier to keep track of everything. Talk to your new neighbours and utility companies in your new area and ask them questions about the same.

8. Opt For Energy Efficient Utilities

Lastly, you must inspect your new home before you transfer your utilities when you move in. Professional removalists Sydney will unload all your belongings while you inspect your home and see how you can make everything more energy efficient. Opt for more smart power grids and energy-efficient electrical services, check the insulation and furnaces and make sure you make your new home more energy-efficient.


If you follow the step-by-step guide above, you can transfer all your utilities in no time to your new home and enjoy running water, gas and electricity.