Survival Tips: Moving House with Kids in Tow

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Survival Tips: Moving House with Kids in Tow

Jan 24, 2018 Moving is laborious. Whether you are single or have a family, it’s a very tiresome task. But when you have a family with kids, you don’t even want to think about the whole process. Dealing with kids and organising everything at the same time is hard enough to make you panic. Moving involves as many things as packing, cleaning, going to the new destination, unpacking etc. And Last but not the least, dealing with the mental effects that the process of relocating leaves on you. If it’s only you, then you still can manage, but when you have kids, it becomes much more difficult. If you have a toddler, infant, or a teenager child, it becomes terrible. No matter how many of them you have, it increases the stress level. The stress is natural as you cannot escape the disruption it is going to cause to your life as well as of your kids. Whether you are moving in or out of Sydney or moving internationally, moving house is weird for the children. So, when moving with kids, you can take the help of professional Sydney removalists. They will help in relocating so that you can handle your kids. They will make your move smoother and painless. Whatever age your children are at, it’s natural for them that they have developed a strong attachment to the current place. They get worried and nervous about moving to a new place and a new house. But you have to manage them so that you can make your move less tiring. Hence if you are moving with kids, here are some survival tips:

Inform them as soon as possible

You must tell your kids about moving house as soon as you get to know about it. This will give them time to think about it and try to get over the idea of being at their current place forever. The time will prepare them well to move. Be ready for all the questions; They will ask you all sorts of questions like why are they moving, why is it so important, why moving now? You must give them answers which make sense so that they think that it is relevant to move. All your answers should be positive. First, you have to make them understand the reasons behind, no matter how much relevant your reasons are, your children are not going to understand them. So you have to do it time and again.

Get them ready

Make them ready to move to the new place anyhow. Don’t let them go there with an unwanted heart. Tell them anything like stories, fun place, parks, but make sure that your kids are ready to move to the new house. Don’t keep anything a mystery for them. Tell them everything about the new house and new surroundings so that they are not scared after reaching there.

Tell them about the new opportunities

Tell your kids that moving will bring new opportunities to them. You can tell them that the new place is quite exciting. Tell them about the benefits of the move. Keep them focused on the things they will gain from the move and not what they will lose. Tell them about the new school or new college they will join.


Have some new pictures and images of the place you are moving to. Show the attraction centres of Sydney and make the kids excited about visiting those places. Show them the maps as well.

Get the kids involved in planning the move

Make your kids come and join you in planning the relocation. Tell them interesting facts about the new place and make them involved. Ask them to do the planning for their new rooms or playing in the parks or sports centres. If you are buying new decorations or furniture for the new home, ask your kids to choose colour etc. and let them do the research. Help them browse online.

Tell them to keep in touch

Ask your older kids to take note of phone numbers and addresses of their friends with whom they want to stay in touch after the relocation. This will give them hope of not having to lose their friends. You can engage them in these tasks while you search for a reliable moving company in Sydney.

Pack the survival box

There is a possibility that you may forget to do many things when moving with children. But this is something you cannot miss at any cost. Do not forget to pack a survival kit which you will need just after reaching your new place. This box will have all the essentials that you and your children will need for the first day at your new home. It could have things that they use on a daily basis. You can also put some extra stuff handy to entertain them as you never know when they may lose their mind. This can include toys, games, DVDs, snacks etc.

On a moving day, ask someone for help

Things are a mess at the older place on a moving day. Stuffing, Packing, shifting, you also are rushing through many things; in that situation, it becomes difficult to keep an eye on the kids. So a good option is to send them in the neighbourhood or ask a friend to look after them. It is risky also for kids to roam around on the moving day when there will be equipment and trucks all around. But if they are staying with you on a moving day, keep an eye on them. Keep checking on them every now and then.

Give them a welcome party

Once you have reached your new home, welcome them by throwing a party. Make them comfortable and let them enjoy. You can invite your new neighbours so that the kids get a chance to get along with the new people.

Go out with your kids

Go out with your children for initial days, help them, speaking to the new people around and help them make new friends. This will let them set in the new environment. However, encourage them to write emails and keep in touch with their older friends too.

Help them decorate their rooms

Decorate their new rooms beautifully. Ask them to decorate their rooms by their choice. Take them to the market to shop for their rooms and let them experiment.

Wrapping Up

Moving out with children is not easy. You may lose your mind if you don’t take proper care. Hence you need to keep these survival tips in your mind. Keep your children’s needs in the account. If you involve them in moving as well as planning everything, you can eliminate some of their anxieties and issues. Take help of experienced and reputed removalist like Better Removalists Sydney to avoid unnecessary angst. It will help you spend more time with your kids during the move. Their team of professionals will not let you feel any pressure and your children will also feel relaxed. They a considerable amount of experience in moving families, and they know exactly how to deal with a family when relocating. You will see that it will not only make things manageable, but you will be relieved and in fact, enjoy the move.