The Dos And Don’Ts Of Moving House With A Baby

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The Dos And Don’Ts Of Moving House With A Baby

Jan 08, 2024

Moving house with a toddler or baby involves a lot of potential challenges and logistic hurdles. From packing household belongings to keeping your little one protected throughout the process, there are many things that parents must consider to ensure a safe, secure and seamless move for their baby.

In these scenarios, time management plays a crucial role as you can plan to pack belongings around your kid’s nap schedules, feed them on time, and hire seasoned removalists Sydney in advance and a lot more.

However, most parents in NSW make silly mistakes when preparing for a move. So, here is a list of do’s and don’ts to consider when moving with a baby. Make sure you keep your little ones protected throughout the journey from start to end.

Let’s Get Started!

1. DO Prepare & Pack Early

A well-planned house move can be a lifesaver if a toddler is involved. It can help reduce stress and make the journey smoother for you and the kid.

On the other hand, if you pack household belongings at the last moment, it can lead to logistic errors, frantic decisions, safety hazards and overall mess. So, it is always good to start the process over a month or a few weeks before your final moving day especially when moving from a small town to a big city. Here are some important tips to consider:

  • Get rid of unwanted household items to reduce your stress and load.
  • Pack your belongings around the nap times of your little ones.
  • Start with non-essential or seasonal items.

2. DON’T Pack Your Baby’s Items First

Don’t prioritise your toddler’s belongings when packing house for a move. Instead, wait a week before the final moving day to pack toys, stuffed animals, clothes and gadgets.

It is because toddlers thrive on routine, and packing their essential stuff can disrupt their schedules, sleeping and feeding times, leading to higher stress for both kids and parents.

You can pack your baby’s belongings on the second last day of your house relocation. Do not forget to label each box for a stress-free unpacking process.

3. DO Book A Reliable Removals Company

It is impossible to hassle-free move a house without any professional assistance. Instead of relying on your friends and relatives, do proper research and hire expert removalists Sydney. They will take care of every aspect while letting you stay with your infant baby.

Whether you have a large pool table or delicate artwork, professionals can handle everything without causing any damage.

4. DON’T Delay the Search for a New Pediatrician

You can’t overlook the healthcare system of a new location when moving with a baby. It is good to ask your current pediatrician to suggest some reliable names, or you can start your research on your own.

Look for the best options in your new area and establish contact with them. This is imperative for maintaining your little one’s health, monitoring growth and addressing immediate medical situations.

5. DO Hire a Babysitter

Are you concerned about your baby’s safety on the moving day? If yes, then hire a professional babysitter or childcare in Sydney. In the middle of a chaotic day, it is too easy to take your eyes off a kid. Unfortunately, this can lead to trouble for your baby.

So, it is important to ensure their safety by hiring a childcare or babysitter to watch them when you are busy with removalists.

6. DO Pack a Survival Kit For your Baby

Make sure you pack a moving-day essential bag for your little one. This includes:

  • Towels
  • Change of clothing
  • Wet wipes
  • Nappies and rash cream
  • Powder
  • Comforter
  • Medications
  • Baby food or milk
  • A couple of toys

These items are crucial when you get to the new residence or in case of emergency when travelling. Keep this bag with you in your personal vehicle.

7. DON’T Overlook Your Baby’s Anxiety

Kids can also get anxious when they are busy with moving chores. So, it is good to consider their behaviour and gestures. Make sure you maintain a normal routine with your little one, especially feeding, playing and sleeping time. This can help adjust your children during the moving process.

8. DO Carry a Pack’n Play with You

Are you moving with an infant? Ensure you carry a sturdy pack ‘n play or a portable crib. This can help your child to sleep during the night comfortably.

Also, carry baby gates and bouncy seats to keep them in one place. This will prevent accidents when you are busy unpacking boxes.

9. DON’T Forget to Baby-Proof Your New Home

This is one of the important steps for the safety of your little ones. Make sure your new residence is safe for your little one.

Start with the windows. Crawling kids can grab onto the cords from window treatments, which can lead to an accident.

So, replace your traditional blinds with cordless shades before moving to a new home. Also, cover electrical outlets, install gates, put sharp objects in the cabinets, etc. This will also keep your pet safe.

You can hire professional removalists Sydney to unpack bulky boxes and large furniture pieces.

Wrapping Up

Home relocation with a baby requires intense planning, patience, time-management skills and flexibility. By keeping these do’s and don’ts in your mind, you can ensure a smooth and stress-free moving experience while keeping your toddler comfortable and secure.