The Only New House Checklist You Need When Moving

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The Only New House Checklist You Need When Moving

Jan 27, 2022

Moving to a new home without proper planning and preparation is one of the biggest mistakes you can make. A house move requires a lot of time, energy and multi-tasking to complete various tasks simultaneously. You naturally experience a lot of stress and anxiety during this time, and it can take a toll on your health.

Thus, hire quality removalists in Sydney to feel less overwhelmed and manage every aspect of your move smoothly. Additionally, have a look at this only new house checklist you need when moving. With it, you can streamline your work and do tasks according to importance and urgency.

1. Get Rid Of Unwanted Things

Give yourself a fresh start with the new house and say goodbye to unwanted things in your previous home. A house move is among the best opportunities to declutter and only pack things you really need at your new home.

• Remove garbage
• Pack unwanted things in good condition for donating to local charities registered with the Australian Charities and Not-for-profit Commission. Alternatively, you can resell them via an online or offline garage sale.
• Get rid of anything you don’t use once a year or don’t plan to use for at least six months.
• Downsize by removing duplicates, especially when moving from a bigger space to a smaller one.

2. Only Buy The Basics

When moving to a new home, focus on only getting basic household items for each room to make the settling in process easier and quicker. Here are some things you will need at the new home if you don’t have them already.

• Paper cutlery
• Bed sheets, blankets, pillows, and mattresses
• Cooking tools
• Kitchen tools & appliances
• Toiletries
• Towels
• Cleaning supplies

Pack all of these carefully and ensure they are loaded on the moving truck last so that they are unloaded by your professional removalists in Sydney first upon arrival at the new home.

3. Pack An Essentials Bag

Don’t make the mistake of packing all your medicines, change of clothes, snacks, water bottle and other essential items in a box to load on the moving truck. You will need certain things on hand to use on your journey and after arriving at the new home. Thus, make sure to pack an essentials bag containing everything you will need on the road. Every household member should pack this bag to keep important things on person and reduce their stress when moving.

4. Change or Rekey Locks

Get the locks changed or keyed to maintain your security, privacy and safety after getting the keys to the new house. Before a house is sold, real estate agents, property inspectors, occupants, and many other people have access to the property.

Hire a professional locksmith in Sydney to manage the process of changing or rekeying locks after a thorough inspection. Make sure you do this activity before your hired removalists in Sydney reach your new home and unload your belongings.

5. Get Expensive Household Items & Furniture After Moving

Don’t add to the packing and moving load of your removalists in Sydney by buying household items and furniture before moving. It is always practical to get new things only after settling in the house after relocation. This way, you can manage the space better, only buy things you need and avoid paying extra to removalists.

6. Change Your Address

As soon as the moving date is final, you must start the process of changing your address. There are several government and non-government organisations to inform, and it can take time. You have to notify the Australian Tax Office, Australian Post, banks, utility service providers, insurance agencies, and many others. Different authorities or service providers have variable timelines and procedures for changing or updating house address. Therefore, plan to complete change of address within a stipulated time to avoid inconvenience.

7. Clean The House

Newly constructed or refurbished houses can have dust, dirt and fine residues hidden in corners and settled on fixtures, window tracks etc. Additionally, your new home can have germs and contaminants invisible to the naked eye, polluting the indoor air. Therefore, cleaning the new house must be on your checklist to have a healthy home. Here are some things you should take care of upon arriving at the new house.

• Vacuum every area and fixture top to bottom
• Wipe common and high touch surfaces
• Clean and disinfect the kitchen and bathroom
• Vacuum the carpets
• Sweep and mop the floors


A new house is a sign of new beginnings for most people, but the anxiety and stress of moving can dampen the excitement. Therefore, to minimise the challenge of relocation, take the assistance of professional removalists in Sydney to pack and move your belongings. Additionally, follow this new house checklist when moving to smoothen the process.