The Pros & Cons Of Using Cheap Removalists

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The Pros & Cons Of Using Cheap Removalists

Jul 07, 2023 Are you planning on shifting to the beautiful city of Sydney, NSW, soon? Moving homes is an exciting prospect as it signifies a new journey and adventure to look forward to. But it can become stressful when you have to declutter your home, pack items, disassemble furniture, and load and unload your truck. You can always hire cheap removalists in Sydney to help you with this process and make your house move easier. Cheap movers not only lighten the load of packing and moving belongings but also fall within your budget and, thus, keep your wallet strong. But you must be careful when choosing these moving services as you may fall prey to scams and compromise on quality. Here are some pros and cons that will help you decide whether it is worth hiring a cheap moving company: 

Pros Of Hiring Cheap Moving Services

Save On Moving Costs

The biggest advantage and main reason you prefer to opt for cheap removalists in Sydney is that it falls within your budget and helps you save on your moving costs. This is especially true if you have fewer items to move, are just relocating across town, and just need some extra help. You can then use these extra savings for other necessities or to buy some items for your new residence. Tip: Here are some useful tips to find quality budget movers in Sydney.

Easier Relocation With Basic Services

Cheap removalists in Sydney may only be able to provide some of the premium moving services, like arranging high-quality packing and moving equipment or providing storage solutions. But these services will still be a big help to your move as they will help you easily load heavy furniture. You will also have time for other tasks like changing your address, paying your bills and transferring your utilities, as the movers will take care of loading and transporting your belongings.

Avoid Injuries And Accidents

If you have a lot of heavy-duty and bulky furniture items or equipment like pianos and pool tables, a cheap moving company can be a big help. These experts will use basic tools like dollies and ramps to lift and load your furniture and bulky equipment and may even assist you in disassembling and wrapping these belongings. This will help you avoid injury while carrying these heavyweight items to your new home. 

Cons Of Hiring Cheap Moving Services

No Moving Insurance

When you hire a cheaper moving company, you may get only some of the benefits and advantages of premium moving services. For instance, these companies might not offer moving insurance for your goods, which means that if your items get damaged while on the move, you will have to pay the cost of replacing and repairing them.

Can Fall Prey To Scams

Another con when using cheap removalists in Sydney is that these low prices can be a scam. These moving services often use low prices to lure people and either don’t turn up on the day of the move or take your belongings and never return. This can end up costing you a lot of trouble as you will have to cancel all your moving appointments, find a temporary moving service and also look for your belongings if they are missing.

May Have To Pay Hidden Costs And Fees

Another major con of using cheap removalists in Sydney is that these low fees might be a cover for hidden costs. You must check the contract properly to see what services have been added to the original fee and if there is a chance any hidden fees might be added on once the move is over. Tip: You should always keep a check on your moving costs with a budget plan.

Lack Of Reliability And Experience

In most cases, cheap moving companies are unreliable and inexperienced in handling a complex move. You might be waiting hours for your movers to turn up on the actual moving day as they will not be consistent with their timings and may not even have the proper size truck for your belongings. However, there are exceptions in this regard, as many new and affordable moving companies have just started out and are willing to take extra care of your belongings. Tip: Use the tips in this article to see how much to save before moving so that you can hire removalists in your budget. 


Thus, it is better to look at the average price of removalists in your locality and try to find a moving company closer to this range. You might have to spend a little more, but your belongings will be in safer hands, and you will also be less stressed about the move. It is a good idea to do indepth research before hiring a moving company and you must get at least two to three estimated quotes to compare your options and choose the best one.