Tips To Move Your Sydney Office Without Losing Much Business

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Tips To Move Your Sydney Office Without Losing Much Business

Dec 19, 2017 Moving your Sydney office can be a complex if not daunting process. There’s often more than enough details that need taking care of. Among other things, you have to change your letterhead, stock up on new business cards and update your contact information. Even more important is to do everything you can to move without losing much business. Retaining your valued customers before, during and after the move should be your top priority, but in the rush of things, it’s easy to overlook some essential tasks. A few tips should help you to keep your existing clients and even acquire new ones, while you’re in the process of moving your office to a new location.

Hire Professional Movers

Any time you or your employees spend on relocation is time spent away from your core business activities. You may have to dig into your pockets, but it’s often more cost-efficient to hire professional Sydney removalists than doing everything on your own. Consider hiring a removalist with vast experience in office relocations. Experienced removalists can help you create a good moving plan, pack up your office equipment, and physically move all your belongings to your new premises. Working with experts reduces the risk of damage to your new equipment and office premises during the move. This protection is crucial for maintaining office productivity once you complete your move.

Make Moving Plans

Planning your move keeps downtime to a minimum and ensures everything runs smoothly. Consider the dates you have to move and seek advice from your Sydney removalists on a reasonable timeline to ensure everything gets done within the time frame. One of the most important things you can do to avoid downtime because of a move is to plan the new work space. Coordinate with your movers, so they know exactly where everything has to go. It helps to draw a floor plan of your new premises, so you have everything in perspective before the move. Your plan should consider the placement of major equipment and any other crucial details such as the availability of space. Don’t forget to get rid of all the clutter before the move and send your damaged or faulty electronics for recycling.

Let Everyone Know You’re Moving

It’s crucial to make everyone aware of the move. You want to make it easy for customers and vendors to trace you, lowering the risk of lost business and profit. Knowing that you need to notify so many people can be intimidating, but don’t lose hope. Start by familiarizing yourself with all the necessary details about your new location. Providing valid contacts to clients is also vital, so ensure the contacts are accurate. Your contacts should include the address, office/suite number etc.

Choose the Right Communication Channels

Make a list of all parties that you need to communicate with and ways of handling the communication. Parties might include banks, insurance providers, the post office, service providers and vendors and government agencies, just to mention a few. Choosing the right communication channel for the right party makes everything easier and help you have a hassle-free office move. Once the moving process is complete, you can use your outgoing correspondence such as outgoing emails to notify your recipients of your new office address.

Set Up Your Phone Numbers

Removalists in Sydney will often advise you to set up your phone numbers. To avoid the trouble of customers not knowing how to find you during the move, you should consider retaining your existing number if possible. Another great option would be to upgrade to a toll-free number as a way of making it easier for your customers to reach you.

Update Your Marketing Material

Coordinate all your marketing material to reflect your current address and contact information. That means all your websites, social media pages, online directories, business cards, advertisements, or news and television ads. Getting rid of old marketing material or placing a stamp of the new address over the old address will help to avoid any confusion. Also, marketing material that cannot be reused should be completely destroyed to eliminate the chances of using them after you’ve relocated.

Move on a Weekend or After Hours

To minimise any interruptions, try to schedule your physical move for a time out of the normal business hours. Many companies will find it convenient to move over the weekends, but if you’re usually open on the weekends, moving after hours may suit you best. Most removalists in Sydney have a flexible approach to moving times so they won’t mind scheduling your move at a time that best suits you.

Set up the New Office Before Moving

Any steps you take to set up your new office before moving in will go a long way in ensuring business is back to normal as fast as possible. And that reduces the chances that you’ll lose business. Be sure the office is clean, and if necessary, have it painted and carpeted before bringing in the furniture. If you’ve decided to upgrade your furniture or buy new equipment, inform the removalist or have them sent directly to your new address. Ensure you’ve got all the utilities in Sydney you need to get back to work straight away. Don’t forget to stock up on any other office utilities that are essential for office productivity. You’ll also want to find out what regulations and obligations (like building opening hours, moving regulations, locks, and security systems) come with the new space.

Have a moving team

Moving your office is a big deal. With a great plan, you can turn the move into a fantastic marketing opportunity.But handling all the tasks can be time-consuming and frustrating, making it wise to divide duties among employees for higher efficiency. Assign a team or individual to be in charge of the relocation. They will be very busy with tasks from coordinating with the movers to keeping all parties involved informed about the moving plans. Thanks to specialist knowledge and the right equipment, your Sydney removalists can help you move successfully. With their comprehensive planning skills, project management abilities, not to mention vehicles custom-made for the industry, you can count on their experience and expertise to help you transition smoothly into your new office.