Top 5 Ways to Make Your Relocation Eco-friendly

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Top 5 Ways to Make Your Relocation Eco-friendly

Feb 21, 2018

Many efforts are being made today to curtail the pollution level in the environment. Therefore if you are relocating, it becomes imperative that you make some efforts to bring about a change. By making small changes; you can make a huge difference in protecting the environment. Relocation is an overwhelming task, and even smart moving practices can have a harmful impact on the environment. Hence, you must ensure you are environmentally conscious while packing and wrapping all your stuff.

Relocating in an eco-friendly way means using environmental friendly moving techniques and using green and biodegradable supplies as much as possible. People who are thinking of relocation are concerned about the effects of their move on the environment and are looking for methods to make their relocation ecological. The good news is that there are many ways which can help in reducing the harmful effects your relocation can have on the environment.

If you are considering hiring a removal company, then look for professional, reliable and cheap removalists in Sydney who have a clear environmental policy and use green techniques for relocation. You can avail the services of Better Removalists Sydney for making a move less intimidating. They include consideration of the environment as an integral part of their core business values. Inculcating eco-friendly habits in your daily life will help in sinking the environmental problems like pollution, global warming and greenhouse effect.

Let’s take a look at the top 5 Ways to Make Your Relocation Eco-friendly:

1. Hire an Eco-Friendly Moving Company

Check the environmental policies, background and all the services provided by the removal company that you hire. Do not forget to ask what measures they take to protect the environment. Many removal companies have been investing in eco-friendly products and practices. These may include recycled packing boxes, lower emission trucks etc. Many companies are using these techniques, but still, there are few of them which desist from these products. Discuss the methods your removal company uses for relocation.

Also, check whether the company has the facility to recycle waste packaging from the move. The company should not use oil-based products. They should be using green moving trucks, trucks that have the lower emission of carbon dioxide and use biodegradable fuel. Also, their packing material should be safe for the environment.

2. Packing materials

A significant part of relocation is packaging, and green packaging can be a brilliant idea for preserving the environment. First, make it clear what all you have to pack and move. Do not pack the unnecessary items. It will save time and packing materials. Cardboard boxes are must for your move, but make sure that you only use those cardboard boxes which can be recycled and used again by grocery stores.

Abstain from using the bubble wraps. Yes, they are helpful in saving your expensive items from breaking but that are not eco-friendly. Try to get wrapping and padding materials that are not made of plastic. As an alternative, you can use layered newspaper which can be used for valuable items. Another alternative is using some fabric. Sheets and towels also will work as great for wrapping up the fragile items or filling up spaces for solidity.

3. Reduce

It is one simple method but very useful in making your relocation eco-friendly. As soon as you start with packing your stuff, get rid of unnecessary items. This will save more effort and fuel the moving truck will use and will trim down the number of boxes and packing supplies. You can donate stuff or sell it by arranging a garage sale. If both methods don’t work, then you can recycle them.

By taking fewer items only to your new place will not only have an organised move but also help your moving truck in consuming less fuel. Donating items to the needy will also contribute to the society. Try to save diesel and gas. When you will move fewer items and get rid of unnecessary things it will result in fewer trips, and hence there will be less consumption of diesel or petrol.

4. Reuse and Recycle

If you are planning for an eco-friendly move, then these are golden words for you- ‘reuse’ and ‘recycle’. Make sure that all the products you are using are biodegradable. This will automatically help in reducing the demand for non-biodegradable items which are dangerous for our environment. This is also a budget-friendly step as it will reduce the expense of your move as biodegradable items are less expensive than non-biodegradables.

You can reuse some boxes by consulting some friends who would have moved recently. Try to use and repurpose soft items that you already have like unused clothes for packing. Instead of buying a lot of cardboard boxes, reuse you homes laundry baskets, suitcases and any other containers which fit for packing and carrying any of your items.

Recycle your waste material as much as possible. Gone are the days when only plastic bottles and cardboard boxes were used to get recycles. Now some household items can also be reprocessed. These are some items that you should not throw in the dustbin and must save for recycling:

Electronics – electronics now can be recycled at your local resource recovery centre. Make sure you are not dumping your old PC into the trash.

Batteries- Batteries are made up of substance like sulphuric acid, cadmium, lead which produces water pollution in the environment. Hence don’t make the mistake of burning them up or throwing them in the trash, take them to a recycling centre.

Domestic equipment- Common household appliances like microwave, TV sets etc.- also contain lead and many more harmful substances. Hence ensure that they get recycled properly.

5. Greener Clean

Make sure you use natural substances for cleaning when moving out and before moving in. With relocation comes cleaning. When you move out, you have to leave a clean home for the landlord or the new owners to get back your bond money. You can hire the services of a professional cleaning company in Sydney for the job but if you are cleaning your house yourself, then make sure you use green products. You can use natural products like baking soda, vinegar, ammonia. These products are not only eco-friendly products and moreover, are great cleaning agents.

They will make your house shine again and will maintain the ambience of your new property. In fact not just for cleaning during relocation but after moving to the new house also, always use these green cleaning products only because of the cleaning properties these products have. Commercial cleaning products release poisonous chemicals such as phosphorous, nitrogen etc. Green cleaning solutions will reduce the pollution the move out cleaning will cause.


Relocation can be very exhausting hence being prepared and knowledgeable of all the techniques will make it trouble-free. You can follow few simple techniques and can easily make you move eco-friendly. Moving requires plenty of time and energy and hiring the experienced and reliable removalists like Better Removalists Sydney will ensure that you are conserving energy and doing less harm to the environment during relocation. They have eco-friendly techniques and can identify other methods also to reduce your move’s adverse environmental impact. They understand your concerns about sustainability and will help in making the world greener.