What Are The Must-Haves For Moving From An Apartment To Your First Home?

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What Are The Must-Haves For Moving From An Apartment To Your First Home?

Aug 16, 2019 Moving from an apartment to your first home is an experience that you cannot put into words. The realisation of finally having a place that is yours is a special feeling. Whether you live alone or with your family, your first home is one of the most significant accomplishments. It not only gives you a sense of success but also changes your approach towards a place where you live. You feel more attached to that place and give importance to every minute detail of the house – be it cleaning, decoration, security, or something else. While moving to your first home, you always have the choice to opt for removalists in Sydney so that your expensive belongings can get transported safely and you do not make any moving mistakes. Also, you can focus on other aspects that will help you to settle down quickly. Here are a few things that you need to do when moving from an apartment to your first home. Lets’ have a look.

1. Measure Your Interior Space Correctly

When you are moving to your first home, you need to measure the interior space accurately. This will give you an idea of placing all your belongings perfectly, and you would be able to utilise the space in a better way. People often overlook the importance of measuring the interior space and face a lot of difficulty in adjusting all the furniture and other belongings after moving. With hundreds of boxes in your place, it would be a challenging task to do the measurement. Consequently, it will delay the unpacking procedure, and you will get frustrated. So measure the interior space before moving.

2. Focus On Your Budget

Purchasing a home and the entire moving process involves a huge amount of money. And the spending doesn’t stop there! You need to take care of the mortgage and utilities such as gas, water, power and internet. And let’s not forget about the upgrades or repairs required before and after you move in. Thus, you need to focus on your budget. Try to save as much as possible and do the necessary cost-cutting. To make sure that all your expensive furniture and appliances are safe, you need a reliable removalist in Sydney. Do your research properly and consider price quotes from different removal companies. If you want to purchase stuff for your new home, do not get carried away and only go for the essential things.

3. Give Your Home a Personal Touch

Living in your own house is different than living in a rental property. Try to decorate your home with personal touches like picture frames, colourful walls, carpets and furniture. People usually get more space in their own home in comparison to a rental property. So, you always have a chance to buy some extra furniture that complements the home. You can also choose your favourite colour to paint the walls or use wallpapers, bookshelf and wall hangings. In short, it is your own house, and you don’t require the permission of your landlord anymore. So do the needful to make this place beautiful.

 4. Know the Neighbours and Your Locality

When you move to a new place, it is always good to know your neighbours and your neighbourhood. Thus, interact with your neighbours so you can build a healthy relationship. Knowing your neighbours not only spreads love, trust and kindness, but it also helps in maintaining peace of mind in various scenarios. For instance, if you are not at home but expecting a package, a good neighbour always steps forward to help you out and accept the delivery on your behalf. Also, you need to know your new locality properly. You must have a proper idea of all the grocery stores, stationery shops and schools, restaurants, nearest hospital, and other similar places. The more you will get familiar, the more it will be easy for you to settle down.

5. You Should Have Your Moving Day Kit

The moving process can be tiring, so you might need a couple of days to relax in your new place. Moreover, you need some time to explore the new home and prepare a plan to place all your belongings. And that can delay the unpacking process. Thus, you need to have a moving day kit that should have all the essential things you might need immediately after moving. These things include your toothbrush, toiletries, paper towel, garbage bags, toilet paper, phone and laptop chargers, cutter, tape, essential documents, cash, extra pair of clothes, and so on. Always keep it with you during the entire moving process.

6. Set Up Your Utility Services

When you are moving to your first home, contact all utility service providers in Sydney a couple of weeks before the move. Utilities include water, gas, electricity, security system, satellite and phone. Living at your new place without these basic services, even for one or two days can be frustrating. So, you need to call them in advance so that you can get the services at the earliest. Some utility services can get delayed for a week or so like the internet, but what about the utilities like water, electricity and gas? Contact them in advance and get things done on time. To concentrate on all these things, you need a helping hand in the moving procedure and what can be a better option than hiring removalists in Sydney.

Other Important Things to Consider

Apart from the important things mentioned above, also consider the following things: • Change the locks on your new home as it guarantees your safety. • Moving can be a frightening experience for pets, so if you have one, spend some time with them and help them to get familiar with the new place. • Change your mailing address a few days in advance • Hire only experienced and reliable removalists in Sydney so that they can reduce the moving burden as much as possible. • Change your air filters to improve the air quality • Contact bond cleaners for thorough cleaning of the property before you move in. • Purchase cleaning supplies to maintain the cleanliness of your home. • If you have not already, purchase a toolbox with basic things like hammer, nails, screwdrivers and so on. • The last thing you want in your new home is creepy crawlers. So if required, contact pest control professionals. • Dispose of all the harmful household chemicals safely. • Plan a house warming party for friends, family and neighbours.


Moving from an apartment to your first home is a big deal. It involves a lot of money, time, planning and effort. When you get involved in so many things at the same time, you may overlook the things mentioned here. If you follow the strategies, you will experience a smooth move, and it would be a lot easier for you to settle down in your first home.