What Are The Top 7 Reasons People Move House?

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What Are The Top 7 Reasons People Move House?

Mar 15, 2022

In modern times, people have smaller families, abundant work opportunities, more education options and urban dwellings, prompting them to move house every few years or more frequently. Moving to a new house is fun and exciting, but it also introduces stress, anxiety and pressure in your life while you manage various activities associated with it.

A house move is life-changing and affects your daily routine irrespective of relocating for the first time or having done it multiple times. The reason for shifting from one residence to another determines how satisfied you feel afterwards.

Here are the top seven reasons people move house, and if you intend it for any of the following motives, manage it with proper planning, the assistance of professional removalists in Sydney and advance preparations.

Changing Or Managing Relationships

A change in equations among household members is a top reason people move in or move out of a house.

• People share a living space after marriage or when living-in together. It is a common reason for adults to change their residence.

• Break-ups and divorces are also reasons people plan a house move.

• Young adults move out of family homes for higher education, work or independence.

Better Job Opportunity

Moving to a new city or area because of a great job opportunity is popular among young people. Relocating for a job is more common because most companies facilitate new employees by offering temporary housing, reimbursement of moving expenses, and more.

Moving for work is one of the best ways to grow your career, improve your standard of living and increase your household income. However, you must only relocate when the new offer is better than your current job and take the assistance of local removalists in Sydney who know their area.

Ending A Fixed Term Lease Agreement

People living in a rental properties move more frequently than people with own houses or apartments. Ending a fixed-term lease agreement is a common reason people in Sydney find a new home and shift. If the location, property, connectivity and other factors are favourable, a tenant can request a lease extension from the landlord.

However, if the request is denied, you have no choice but plan a house move and vacate the property when the tenancy ends. Most people hire professional removalists in Sydney to manage every aspect of your relocation. Moving is easier, cheaper and less stressful with professional assistance when you have other responsibilities like kids, work, etc.

Buying Or Building A House

One of the prime motivators for people to move house is when they are buying or building a new one. It is everyone’s dream to own a residential property where they can live with their family. Thus, most people either sell their old property or vacate a rental property when they have enough financial stability to purchase or construct a new house.

While moving house to a new house is exhilarating, it is stressful and challenging, which is why you must take the assistance of professional removalists in Sydney to shoulder responsibilities for packing, removal, storage etc.

Need For Upgrading Or Downsizing House

The size of your property plays a crucial role in managing household expenses and living comfortably. It is also a common reason why people move out of a house and find a new residence.

• Seniors and empty nesters often move to smaller houses, an aged-care facility or a home in a retirement village.

• People with families/pets or couples starting a family look for bigger homes.

• Additionally, many people move houses for better amenities, layout and upgrades.

Enrol Kids In Good Schools

Most reputed schools in Sydney enrol children that live in the houses in their catchment zones. Parents need to provide proof of residence during applications, which is why many people move when they want to enrol their kids in a specific school. Moving to provide better schooling and upbringing in a good neighbourhood is a strong motivator for families.

Thus, if you plan to change your address and move to an area with good education centres, use the NSW Public School Finder by the state government for a reliable search.

Better Location

Every homeowner or tenant wants to live in an area with good connectivity, low crime rate, great neighbourhood and modern amenities. Therefore, most people move houses if their current residential area doesn’t meet their need for safety, privacy or a good standard of living. When you find a suitable neighbourhood, it is easier to settle and live in it for years. However, if the locality doesn’t meet your expectations, living in it is stressful.


Every house move is unique and influenced by several internal and external factors. However, most people are motivated to undergo the challenging process of moving for the top seven reasons mentioned above. Thus, if you are planning a house move, make sure to plan and prepare for it early. Additionally, don’t hesitate to avail packing and moving services from experienced removalists in Sydney to manage everything smoothly.