What Is Covered In Transit Insurance?: Moving Guide

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What Is Covered In Transit Insurance?: Moving Guide

Dec 27, 2022

Many people think household belongings stay safe and sound as professional removalists have promised to deliver everything safely. This is where people are mistaken and end up damaging their belongings.

There is no denying that a moving company leaves no stone unturned to keep your valuable items intact throughout the journey. But accidents happen, and you have to prepare for them in advance.

Transit insurance is one of the best tools you should opt for as it provides coverage against potential transit risks, such as road accidents, theft, fire, and damage due to natural calamity. Reliable removalists Sydney offers transit insurance that provide coverage of your household items, such as antiques, fragile items, home appliances, furniture, etc, against damage during the relocation process.

Here is a complete moving guide on what is covered in transit insurance for the utmost safety of your precious possessions:

Importance of Transit Insurance

It can help provide financial coverage for your precious possessions if they are lost or damaged when moving from your current place to a new house in Sydney, NSW. A moving company can provide Transit insurance or purchase it as a standalone product from an experienced insurance provider. Well, this depends on where you are relocating and the type of coverage you are searching for.

Some transit insurance policies may add similar coverage to a contents insurance or moving insurance policy, but these are different types and can’t be mixed. It is good to find cost efficient way to move your household belongings and keep your items intact by purchasing the right insurance coverage.

What is covered in transit insurance?

The coverage provided by transit insurance will differ depending on the policy you have selected and the provider. It may include coverage for:

  • Damage or loss to your items when being packed and unpacked
  • Damage or loss to your belongings when being loaded or unloaded from a truck
  • Damage or loss to your stuff when in transit, that is, caused by fires, accidents, theft, road accidents, malicious damage, derailment, etc.
  • Damage or loss to your goods due to the mishandling of removalists
  • Incidental storage costs, etc

It is good to do proper research and look for budget removalists Sydney that can offer you safe removals service along with a transit insurance policy.

How to Get Transit Insurance When moving house in Sydney?

Options for insuring your household items when relocating include contents insurance, standalone transit or moving insurance and removalists insurance.

1. Contents Insurance

Contents insurance policies usually differ regarding the coverage for your items in transit. Many insurance companies offer coverage for your items if they are damaged or lost caused by natural disasters such as flood, or other events, including theft, fire, or road accident when a truck is carrying items to your new abode. But, it is important to keep exclusions as well as conditions in mind.

For instance, some policies may cover belongings in transit but not when loaded onto the truck.

Other policies may not offer coverage if you fail to allow your company know about your moving plans. It is important to keep exemptions in mind if your items are stored in a warehouse. Some providers may not offer transit insurance or coverage or will provide only additional coverage if you pay a premium.

So, it is good to read the Product Disclosure Statement, Key Facts Sheet, and other documentation related to the policy, or you can contact the provider if you have any queries related to a policy.

2. Removalist Insurance

This is a decent option if you want coverage for your belongings against the potential risks during home relocation. Although moving companies are not legally obligated to provide insurance coverage, some may have options for you.

The Australian Furniture Removers Association recommends you ensure your mover is qualified to offer you an insurance policy. They must have public liability, motor vehicle, carriers’ legal liability and third-party property insurance.

AFRA-associated moving companies are authorised to provide you with transit insurance as a part of their service, and it will come at an additional cost. This cost depends on the level of coverage you opt for, that is, value-only coverage or full replacement.

These insurance options may provide you with some sort of coverage, but for complete coverage, you should opt for standalone transit insurance. Choosing this is one of the best hacks to make a move less stressful. You will get a peace of mind that your possessions will remain safe.

3. Standalone Moving or Transit Insurance

If you are unhappy with your contents insurance, opt for third-party transit insurance to get full coverage. There are many moving and storage companies offering transit insurance. However, the price of these policies may vary from factor to factor, including the value of your items.

It is good to contact the provider to know coverage inclusions and exclusions for a better experience.


This is a complete guide on what is covered in transit insurance when moving home. Some items may not be included in the coverage, but this may depend on the policy and, of course, the provider.

Hiring professional removalists Sydney for a safe, sound and reliable transition of your precious possessions is good.