What Is The Best Age To Move With Children?

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What Is The Best Age To Move With Children?

Apr 26, 2021 Home relocations come up with a lot of challenges, mental & physical stress, excitement and a ton of assorted tasks. Whether you are moving within Sydney or across the new state, you need to prepare everything in advance to avoid last-minute chaos. The success of a safe and sound transition of household belongings depends on your planning. You may face difficulties due to various reasons, and one of them is moving with children. However, the stress doubles when kids are involved in the relocation journey. From a toddler to a school-going or a teen, different age groups have a different set of issues. Being responsible parents, you have to understand their real problems, mental state and changing behaviour. It is good to hire trained removalists in Sydney for stress-free home relocation. If you are concerned about what is the best age to move with children, then keep on reading this article. Here are some benefits and drawbacks of moving with children at different ages.

1. Relocating with Toddlers (Below or 5 Years Old)

A family creates a protective shield around their toddlers when they are below 5 years. Kids feel safe and secure when they are with you. Of course, relatives, neighbours, and peers may be a part of a young toddler’s world, but the family is the main core. There is no denying that moving between 1-5 years age group may be simplest because toddlers do not think much about the change and relocation. Young children can easily adjust and make new friends quickly. In fact, most families prefer moving prior to kindergarten as their kids won’t have to change the school in the middle and have consistency throughout their educational journey. However, you shouldn’t ignore the difficulties you may face while moving with small kids. They may feel uncomfortable due to an unfamiliar environment. They also may feel curious about this big change. So, be prepared and answer all their questions. It is good to understand their gestures and spend quality time with them as much as possible.

2. Moving a House with Elementary Age Children

One of the major benefits of moving with school-aged kids is that you can better explain the reason and process of home relocation. You will also get more determined feedback so that you can alleviate their emotional stress. You can keep they stay relaxed positive throughout the process. Kids at this age will also help you in packing up their own belongings, such as toys, bedsheets, books, etc. However, there are a couple of drawbacks as well. School-going children have to leave their school, friends and neighbourhood behind and move into a new place. This can break them down. So, become their support system and talk about the new house, what and how they feel about this change, etc. This will make it quite easy for you to manage the relocation process. So, you can say that moving with this age group is quite beneficial. For a stress-free experience, hire the best Syndey removalists. They will assist you in transiting all types of prized possessions without giving you a hint of stress.

3. Moving With Pre-teens

Believe it or not, taking care of pre-teen or early teen children is one of the most difficult tasks for parents. They are always curious to explore the new world, their roles, new things and much more. It is quite challenging to handle them, especially when it comes to leaving old school and shifting to a new place. Parents need to adopt a positive approach and break the news of home relocation in a clear manner. Make sure you understand their needs, behaviour and situation if you want to make them feel comfortable. While, some pre-teens may love this change and want to start everything from scratch, especially if the new school and house has all the top-class amenities. Moving with early teens can be challenging but not impossible. Plan your move with them and take their feedback for a hassle-free experience.

4. Moving with Teenagers

The experience of relocating home with teenagers may vary because every teen has their own character and patience level. But, most of them are very emotional, especially when it comes to their friendship. If you have lived in a particular location for years, a move during their teenage may be more difficult for them. They can be very attached to the house, and neighbourhood they grew up in. It takes years to build a strong social circle, and the thought of beginning from scratch can be heartbreaking news. The best thing you can do is to involve them in all your decisions. Take assistance in packing and moving chores. They can even help you in finding the most reliable removals company in Sydney.


Dealing with children of different age groups during the home relocation requires proper planning and patience. You can take professional assistance from certified Sydney removalists for the safety of your household belongings.