What Is The Median House Price In Sydney Suburbs?

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What Is The Median House Price In Sydney Suburbs?

Jun 03, 2022

The capital of New South Wales is Australia’s most expensive city to live in and raise a family. The average monthly cost of living in Sydney for an individual is more than $5,000.

If you plan to move to this beautiful city, you need to assess your financial status and create a budget under which you can buy a new home.

Fortunately, the house prices in the suburbs close to metropolitan cities like Sydney have declined since mid to late 2020. According to the latest stats, the median house price fell by 0.3%.

You can also plan your home relocation and hire the most experienced removalists Sydney after doing proper research about the suburbs where you can find affordable homes.

To help you find the best options, here is the list of the best Sydney suburbs with the median house prices to help you make the right decision. You can choose according to your estimated budget and live close to his beautiful city.

1. Beaconsfield

Located just 5km south of the CBD, Beaconsfield is one of Sydney’s best and most developed suburbs. The median house prices have dropped by 8.5 per cent in three months. In simple terms, the total price fell by $168,000, and now the median house price is $ 1.808 million.

The residential area of Beaconsfield is only 10-15 minutes away from beautiful beaches, shopping centres, restaurants, cafes, boutiques, clubs, pubs, and much more. It is a family-friendly suburb, and key attractions are top-class wineries, stunning beaches and adventure spots for kids and adults.

The suburb offers different residential properties, including Apartments, Villas, Units, Townhouses, Spacious Homes and much more. You can do your research and find your dream home in one of the most developed suburbs in Sydney.

There are various benefits of living in suburbs because it offers laidback lifestyle, peace and greenery. If you want to relocate from a city to any suburb, do proper research and find the best location for your new abode.

2. Darlinghurst

Darlinghurst is a full-grown inner-city suburb of Sydney, NSW. It is situated east of the CBD and considered one of the densely populated suburbs, with the majority of people living in terraced houses and apartments.

The house prices in Darlinghurst have plunged by 8.3 % or $206,944 in the last two years. Now, the median house price is around $2,282,000, which has encouraged people to buy their homes in the capital city of NSW.

The suburb has become a cosmopolitan area because of the shopping precinct, fine-dining restaurants, stylish cafes, art, culture, best healthcare facilities, and nearby schools. There is also a popular Oxford Street, renowned shopping and dining options. You can also find some of the best schools in the town, including:

  • Darlinghurst Public School
  • Sydney Grammar School
  • SCEGGS Darlinghurst School
  • The National Art School of Australia, and much more.

If you are moving to Sydney, explore the residential property market in Darlinghurst and buy a new home.

3. Glebe

Located 3 kilometres southwest of the Central Business District, Glebe is one of the most developed suburbs where the median house price is $2,345,000. This suburb is close to The University of Sydney, and that’s why it is popular among students.

This place is surrounded by lively streets, cafes, eating joints, restaurants, museums, and more.

If you are searching for terrace row homes in Sydney, Glebe is the perfect place. It also has heritage-listed Georgian villas with brown brick apartment blocks, million-dollar mansions, cottages, and luxury apartments.

The residential area of this suburb offers high-end local amenities, top-class infrastructural facilities, schools, entertainment hubs and the Glebe foreshore is also converted into a 2.5 kilometre path for cyclists and pedestrians.

There is also a bustling Broadway Shopping Centre, a must-go place if you are a shopaholic. You can move to Glebe with the assistance of cheap removalists Sydney to protect your household belongings.

4. Surry Hills

The house prices in Surry Hills have declined by 7.8 per cent or $180,195. Currently, the median house price in the suburb is $2,131,457, and it is the best time to invest in the residential property market.

Surrounded by the suburbs of Darlinghurst to the north, Moore Park and Paddington to the east and Chippendale to the west, the suburb offers great views, quick and affordable transportation and high-class local amenities.

This lively and beautiful suburb is just a few kilometres southeast of the Central Business District. It boasts the city’s best entertainment hubs, culinary delights, heritage buildings, schools and healthcare facilities.

Surry Hills offers a unique amalgamation of grand Victorian terraced houses and public housing units. You can also find apartments, cottages, villas and mansions close to the CBD.

In the last few years, the suburb witnessed a boom in the retail and commercial sector because many wealthy newcomers have been living here to uplift their standard of living.

After buying your home, make sure you prepare for home relocation. Don’t forget to de-clutter your home according to The Marie Kondo Way and pack your belongings before the final moving date.

5. Stanmore

The suburb is renowned for its top-class amenities, electrifying nightlife scene, diversity in food, culture and festival, thriving atmosphere and high-end security.

Located just 6 kilometres southwest of the Central Business District, Stanmore offers a long strip of shops, boutiques, cafes and restaurants.

The median house price in the suburb is $2,255,000, and you can also invest in apartments and units because they are affordable. The median price of the unit is $822,575- so you can make your home buying decision accordingly.

There is the Stanmore railway station on the inner west and the Leppington Line of the Sydney Trains network when it comes to public transportation. If you want to live close to Sydney and enjoy laidback life, look no further than Stanmore. It is a beautiful and full-grown suburb where you can find all types of dwellings in major hotspots.


Doing proper property market research is crucial if you plan to buy your first home. This guide will help you find out the median house prices of Sydney’s best suburbs. If you are relocating home, hire budget removalists in Sydney for a safe and sound experience. They will take care of your possessions and transit them without causing any damage.