What Is The Most Cost-Efficient Way To Move?

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What Is The Most Cost-Efficient Way To Move?

Nov 30, 2022

Moving house is one of the most challenging tasks for renters/homeowners because it is expensive and tiring. However, housing mobility is necessary at the end of a rental agreement, sale of your house, availability of better work opportunities and other important reasons.

You can hire a full-service moving company in Sydney to handle all the moving-related tasks. However, a full service is the costliest way to relocate, and you must only do it when you can afford it without impacting your savings.

If you are moving on a tight budget, explore different moving options, like hiring budget removalists Sydney to only transport your things or book a backloading service.

But, before you start, look at this complete guide outlining different options for moving to make an informed decision and choose the most cost-efficient way to move for you.

Renting a Moving Truck

A moving truck rental is any day cheaper than a full-moving service but doesn’t provide the insurance, safety and peace of mind that removalists in Sydney offer. However, when you are pressed for money, renting a moving truck is economical if you can load & unload it without professional assistance.

To determine a moving truck’s cost-effectiveness, you must consider the size of the vehicle, fuel price in Sydney, mileage per litre, speed and moving distance. You can use the following formulas to get a basic fuel cost estimate for the moving truck.

  • Number of kilometres ÷ Kilometres per litre = Litres of fuel needed
  • Litres of fuel needed x fuel cost = Estimates fuel cost

Also, the rent of the vehicle is charged separately and can start from $150 for a day. However, if you are moving short-distance, inquire about renting the truck for a few hours, reducing the cost.

Rent a Self-load Storage Container

Need flexibility and time to pack and load your belongings for moving? You can do it budget-friendly by renting a self-load storage container. These units are sturdy containers built to store household contents for prolonged periods and keep them safe during transit. You can rent a container for a few days or weeks.

The best part about these containers is you can load and unload them at your own pace. Additionally, they are economical and eliminate the need for renting a storage unit in case you must keep some things in storage while setting up your house in another city.

Book a Backloading service

Long distance (over 80km) and interstate moves cost thousands of dollars and wreak havoc on your savings. If you have a tight budget and must move immediately, one of the best ways to save money is by availing a backloading service.

It is a solution reputed removalists in Sydney offer to lower the cost of moving property contents by loading them on an empty truck coming back from another job.

You only pay for the space your things take on the truck, and it also helps the removalists earn extra money on a truck that is spending money on fuel. It is a win-win situation for you and the removalists in Sydney from whom you are booking the service.

Note: Backloading takes time, which is why you must avail it when you can wait for your things to arrive at a flexible time. If you have to move urgently or at short notice, avoid backloading.

Hire Removalists for Select Services

Good removalists in Sydney offer a range of services to assist people with their moves completely or as per requirement. For example, you can hire them for packing and rent a moving truck to move your things yourself.

Alternatively, you can pack yourself and hire professional removalists in Sydney to move your things safely. You can find local professionals to help with some important tasks of your move if you have a tight budget. This way, you can save money and also reduce moving stress significantly.

To find the most affordable removalists near you, ask acquaintances for references and get quotes from multiple companies. Compare these quotes to choose an economical service provider, and make sure to book the removalists at least four weeks before moving.

Move During Non-Peak Times

Relocating during summer, when housing mobility is the highest, is the most expensive. Removalists in Sydney charge more during this time as their demand is high. Therefore, if you can shift your house move to a date in the non-peak moving season, then do so to save money.

Additionally, prefer moving on weekdays as more people move during weekends, and the removalists have higher rates on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.


Moving to a new house is challenging without professional assistance. However, hiring a full moving service is not always feasible. Therefore, if you are moving on a tight budget, consider the above options to move without depleting your savings.

You can find a good moving company in Sydney ready to assist with your move in different ways; you can decide which one is the most cost-effective for you.