Where Can You Donate Furniture In Sydney When Moving?

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Where Can You Donate Furniture In Sydney When Moving?

Oct 07, 2022

Home relocation gives you an excellent opportunity to get rid of things you no longer need. It could be anything, from outdated electronics to old furniture. There is no need to pack unnecessary things with you and increase the load of your move. Instead, make a list of unwanted items before getting into the packing process.

If you have old or outdated furniture pieces, donate them to the local charity rather than tossing them. Selling is also a good option, but you can donate your pre-loved belongings to underprivileged people. According to the 2019 report, donations across Australia increased to $11.8 billion, and people are doing a good cause by donating to charity.

You can also do the same when preparing for a home relocation. You can hire a budget removalists Sydney, so that you can focus on the charity part.

If you are looking for reliable options in the city, look at this guide and explore some of the best places where you can donate furniture in Sydney.

Let’s Get Started

1. Goodwill Op Shops

Supporting Australia’s leading charities, including Royal Far West and the Starlight Foundation, Goodwill Op Shops specialise in supporting underprivileged, sick and disadvantaged children.

If you have a home in the northern suburbs of Sydney, call the charity house, and they will pick up your furniture and other donation stuff without giving you a hint of stress. Whether you have an old couch or a pre-loved dressing table or chairs, donate to Goodwill Op shops and help kids and their families.

These shops are operated by dedicated volunteers and staff who love their work and want to support disadvantaged children of Australia. You can make a list of furniture items you no longer need. Make sure they are in good condition before contacting the volunteers of Goodwill Op shops.

2. The Bower Reuse & Repair Centres

Is your old furniture not in good condition? You can donate it to The Bower Reuse & Repair Centres. It is a Non-Profit Organisation that aims to minimise landfill with the ethos of repair and reuse by collecting all types of donations.

They collect household items, furniture, clothes, electronics, etc and set them at a low price to support low-income families and disadvantaged people and community groups.

You can donate a chest of drawers, bed frames, bedside tables, coffee tables, dining tables, tallboys, chairs, wardrobes, rugs and much more. However, they don’t accept baby items, plastic fans, old furniture made from MDF or chipboard, mattresses and sofa beds, pianos, soft furnishings, etc. You can avail of their donation collection truck service if you are living in Sydney.

If you are relocating home, start the preparations as early as possible. Create a checklist,  de-clutter your home and arrange the best packing materials for your move. These are some important things to keep in mind..

3. The Salvation Army

It is one of the most renowned charity organisations in the world. They have been supporting homeless and underprivileged people across Australia. If you have pre-loved furniture to donate, contact the Salvos stores in Sydney. They offer a free pick-up service to collect large items and furniture pieces and help people who need them.

They usually don’t accept building materials, computer monitors, scanners, printers and car parts. You do a good cause by donating pre-loved furniture items to needy ones.

If you are prepping for home relocation, hire reliable removalists in Sydney who can take care of your possessions. This way, you will get enough time to attend the truck from the charity organisation. You can also ask your friend for assistance if you want to do it yourself. They can help you load your moving truck efficiently without causing any injury.

4. St Vincent De Paul Society

St Vinnies are the charities that support underprivileged Australian people. Founded in Paris in 1833, St Vincent de Paul has also established a strong reputation in Australia. They have been assisting homeless and poor people for years.

You can donate your old furniture to Vinnies shops in Australia and help fund programs. Contact the local vinnies shop in your suburb and book their truck. They will come to your place and collect giant pieces of furniture without giving you any stress.

Tip: Do not donate broken, stained or ripped furniture. Take these to the recycling places for optimum usage.

5. Pyrmont Cares Inc

Do you want to support or help disadvantaged local people in Sydney? Look no further than Pyrmont Cares Inc because they believe in reducing poverty by providing household items, furniture and other stuff to needy people via their re-homing programs.

The main objective is to help poor people and reduce carbon deposits from the environment. From a small dining table to chests of drawers, you can donate all if you no longer need it.


Donating household stuff, especially furniture items, is a good way to help and support disadvantaged people in society. Double check the stuff you no longer need when de-cluttering your home. Instead of donating, toss the broken or ripped furniture. For the items you are relocating, hire professional removalists Sydney and stay relaxed.