Why Is Moving So Stressful? 5 Ways To Make It Go Smoother

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Why Is Moving So Stressful? 5 Ways To Make It Go Smoother

Jan 08, 2020

Moving is counted as the third most stressful experience of a person’s life. Whether you are moving for the first time or you have moved several times, relocating to a new residence is hectic. Emotions run high during the process as you have to manage different tasks within a short period. However, moving doesn’t have to be so jarring. You can control the extent and level of stress you feel by maintaining a positive attitude and preparing for the move two months in advance.

Moreover, you can lessen the load of relocation by taking the assistance of near and dear ones along with professional removalists in Sydney. You have to think about the move as an exciting journey and try to manage the stress as best as you can.

Why is Moving So Stressful?

While shifting, the imbalance of the demands being made on you and lack of resources to meet those demands makes moving extremely challenging. The process also causes major disruptions in daily life. You have to take care of a variety of essential tasks as the end of tenancy draws closer or when you move to a property you’ve purchased. You have to manage your expenses by creating a budget because moving without financial planning can cause depletion of savings.

Besides this, you have to complete official formalities such as changing the address on documents, contacting relevant parties like banks/ utility companies/ subscription providers, clearing safe deposits etc.

If you are a tenant, you have to think of finishing end of tenancy formalities such as notifying the landowner, rereading the contract, and performing end of lease cleaning. If you don’t get the property cleaned by reputed end of lease cleaners in Sydney, you risk losing all or most of your security deposit. The management and need for the completion of so many tasks at the same time makes moving so stressful.

Want to know how to make your move go smoother? Here are 5 ways suggested by experts.

Make a Moving Checklist

The number one task to complete according to expert Sydney removalists is to prepare a moving checklist. You can search the internet and choose one which you find is the most suitable. If you are selecting a pre-made checklist, ensure it was created by an expert. Or, you can create a personal journal by writing down all the tasks you need to complete.

Once you have written the all the work that needs to be done, conduct a family meeting to allocate deadlines for task completion and ownership. It is best if you prepare your sheet on Microsoft Excel to edit and maintain it properly. Also, have it ready as soon as you know the moving date or two months in advance.

Declutter and Downsize to Lessen the Moving Load

Make sure you only take those things with you to your new residence that you need. You can start small by decluttering one area then pay attention to rooms as you get in the habit. Expert Sydney removalists suggest every member of the house should declutter their rooms. During the decluttering process, your aim should be to filter items

• You haven’t used for six months
• You don’t use at least once in a year
• You bought years ago and now are obsolete
• You stopped using because they are damaged

Along with decluttering, downsizing becomes essential if you are moving to a smaller residence. You may need to remove duplicates and keep items that will fit in the new home.

During the decluttering and downsizing process, make sure you segregate things for moving to the new house, donating, reselling, and discarding.

After the process is complete, the number of things to move would be substantially less. It will help you lessen your packing load. Also, it will be economical for you as your hired removalists in Sydney will have fewer things to move and will charge you accordingly.

Use Apps & Be Organised

While moving, it is crucial to remain organised that you can do with the help of technology. Start by reading about apps that are useful for planning, calculating, reminding, and guiding for moves. Some of the most common and popular house moving apps are Moving Van, Moving Checklist Pro, DocuSign, MoveMatch, and House Cleaning/Housekeeping List.

In addition to these personal apps, you can install a family organiser app that can help synchronise with all the family members to create, modify, and remove to-do tasks. You can download these apps on your phone, tablet, or phablet.

Let Family Members, Friends and Professionals Help

Trying to manage a move without the support of others is next to impossible. Shifting from one place to another is not easy. You are stressed about completing a variety of tasks while you try to stick to your daily routine. If you have a family, it becomes harder as you may have children, elderly, and pets that need your care and attention.

Therefore, you should ask your relatives or friends to take care of the house and those who depend on you while you complete moving-related tasks. Also, you can hire professional removalists & an end-of-lease cleaning company in Sydney to help you save time and energy for

• Tending to the needs of your family members & pets
• Completing official tasks such as changing address, updating/ discontinuing memberships or subscriptions, notifying utility companies, etc.
• Relaxing and spending a day or two on yourself
• Meeting near and dear ones

Create A Moving Playlist

Music can make dull moving-related tasks fun. Whether you are decluttering for a move, cleaning, packing, or en route to getting things done, you can amp up the music and enjoy. Listening to your favourite songs is one of the best ways to reduce stress, anxiety, depression, and other pessimistic emotions. You can ask everyone in your family to create their moving playlist, and you can play them randomly.

If you are clueless as to what your moving playlist should comprise, you can ask your friends or relatives to recommend songs. Moreover, you can search the internet to know which songs are on the playlists of expert Sydney removalists.

Honourable Mentions

Some of the ways suggested by experts that didn’t make the list but required honourable mention are

• Meditating and exercising to reduce moving-related emotions such as stress, anxiety, depression, anger, helpless, etc.
• Throw a party for relatives, friends, neighbours, and anyone who you wish to stay in touch. Take their email addresses, phone numbers, social media information, and other useful contact information.
• Prepare for moving day by packing essentials pack, prepping meals, shopping for things you’ll need for the new place, making travel arrangements etc.

Wrapping Up

Moving is always daunting because you have to do so much in so little time. You can encounter a lot of challenges while you plan for it and venture out to complete moving-related tasks. However, some ways can help you make the move smoothly. Some of them include planning, creating a moving checklist, decluttering/downsizing, using technology, and letting removalists in Sydney help, among others. If you are proactive and manage to move with a positive attitude, your journey will be an adventure.